Your Guide to The Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

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Choosing the appropriate dress for a summer wedding is only half the battle – you need to find the perfect hairstyle for this elegant event as well. No matter your bridal style, you will not find more fabulous hairstyle look like this one! This is why we have prepared this easy tutorial to guide you in your quest for the perfect wedding hairstyle.

Step 1: Begin by dividing your hair into two sections. Divide the crown section from the ears up, twist it slightly and clip it on top of your hair. This way you can deal with the rest of your hair now.

Step 2: Working with the bottom section, divide it in half and secure the two strands into two low ponytails.

Step 3: Using a couple of fingers, create a space in the hair just above the rubber band. For best results, try to make the hole as close to the elastic band as possible. Then, pull the ponytail down through the hole. Now, pull the ponytail all the way through the hole. Slide up the hair band to tighten for a strong hold. Repeat this step for the other ponytail.

Step 4: Next up, release the crown section. Divide in three and tie each one off with a clear rubber band. This way you will create three relatively equal ponytails on top of the other two. Adjust the ponytails to make it lower or higher depending on where you want to start the inverted ponytails.

Step 5: Take each ponytail and transform it into an inverted ponytail, just like you did with the bottom two.

Step 6: Now, gather all of the inverted ponytails and secure them together at the back of your head using a clear rubber band.

Step 7: Gently pull some hair pieces here and there to add more volume and texture.

Step 8: You may top off the style by adding some fancy hair pins at the base of each ponytail for a glamorous finish.

Step 9: Finish your lovely inverted ponytails hairstyle with a light hairspray to keep it from falling apart.

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