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Have you seen those pictures with written names, letters, doodles and so on, with light? Do you know that this effect is not a Photoshop manipulation, it is all real, but made with good equipment and some photographic skills. These skills can be easily learned and soon you will be able to make those amazing photos of you and your friends. Of course, you will have some shots for deleting afterwards, but at the end of the day you will feel satisfied with the feeling that you’ve upgraded your photography skills, which one day will be able to transform your hobby into your job. This is my dream – to work something that is my hobby. So, let’s skip the dreaming for now, until we learn how to make the light words perfect. Here are the steps:

Choose a place for the camera. It has to be stable, so if you don’t have a tripod, secure it well and adjust the view. Place the camera 10-15 ft away from the place you want to stand and check the adjustments again. Remember, secure camera – great picture, shaky camera – blurry picture.

Take a regular picture with the light on to see if the place you want to stand is in focus. If it’s not, make it so.

Then you have to set the shutter speed of the camera, but before that you have to set the camera on manual mode, then use the 30 seconds shutter speed.

Turn on the time delay on the camera, take the flashlight (or just use the flashlight of your phone as I did, it worked perfectly for me), go to the focus area and turn the light off.

Press the capture button, go to the focus area as fast as you can and write the letter or the drawing with the flash. Try not to point the flash directly to the camera, soften the angle a little bit, otherwise you will get a twinkle. If you need to make a pause/space between the light details, you have to cut the light with your hand (or just turn off the flashlight), move to the place you need and turn the flashlight back on.

If the letter or the picture is simple, you can try re-write and re-draw it for a more intense look, but if it’s something more complicated, you’d better leave it that way, otherwise you will mess it up.

The trick is to experiment until you find the easiest and best way to do it. You can also try different techniques and use a lot of people to make great pictures. I learned that trick when I talked to a friend, wondering what to give to my boyfriend as a St. Valentine’s Day gift. We ended up snapping light and letters until we reached the perfect shot. Take a look:



Image : makeup-mania.net


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