Why Do People Store Fat In Different Body Parts

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When a woman is on a diet, she tries to avoid eating fats. Why? Because this form of energy that comes to the human body through the food one eats is stored easily in the body, but it is quite hard to get rid of it. The more fat one’s body stores, the more weight they gain. And that is why some people avoid eating foods that contain a lot of fats. But what you have probably noticed is that some people store fats in certain parts of their bodies, while others in different ones. For example, men store more fat on their bellies, which makes their body shape look like an apple. Women, on the other hand, store fats on their hips and booties, and thus their body shape look more like a pear. But, of course, not all men and not all women have such body shape. If you have ever wondered why your body stores fat in some particular places different from the places where your family members store fat, you are about to find the answer. Here is why different people store fat in different body parts!

Four Main Types of Body Fat Storage

There are four main types of body fat storage. In other words, these are four different body types, which, if they start gaining weight, it will be stored in the four major sections. Here are the four types of body fat storage and you can already find out why this is so.

Even body fat storage

The first type of body fat storage is the ones that spreads fat evenly on the body. In other words, people with such type of body storage have relatively even body fat distribution. They do not have bigger hips or bigger belly. This is one of the types women adore because they will lose weight as evenly as they have gained it. And that is why they do not have to accentuate on a particular part of their bodies. This could be both good and bad news. The good news is that people with even body spread have relatively fast metabolism. However, the bad news is that many people with this body type who do not have visibly bigger body part are sometimes endangered by a metabolic disease. This way people may not notice that they have started gaining too much weight, and, thus, to be endangered also by obesity. So, remember that even with this body type, you should also keep under control the levels of your body fat.

Upper body fat storage

This type of body fat storage effects more males than females, but, of course, it is not always the case. Some women have bigger chest area than their lower body area, for example, slim legs. However, some women who in their youth did not appear to have such type of body fat storage, but later in their life this happened. The reason for this is simple: their menopause period has begun. This is the time when the levels of estrogen begin to drop off and they appear to have more similarities to males. That is why they also appear to have male body structure. Sometimes gaining weight in this body part is a result of a chronic stress, and both sexes suffer from it. If you want to find the exit from this circle, you just need to take a break and relax for some time.

Lower body fat storage

If the upper body fat storage was specific for males, and females had it only due to certain conditions, the lower body fat storage, on the other hand, is typical mostly for women. You have probably noticed that in the past voluptuous women with curves were praised by poets, writes, sculptors and artists. This is because they worshiped femininity. One of the reason why nature has given stronger lower body part only to women and not to men is because they are the ones that give birth to children. And they need to have strong hips to bare the child. So, if this is your body fat storage, do not complain, but embrace it, you are quite feminine. And if a man does not like your curves, just show him the door. There are some women, who do not have a lot of fat on this area, but just look like they do. This is because they have a “big bone” and they just appear larger in size, but they actually are not. But if they start gaining weight, for sure a lot of the fat will be stored around their hips and booty.

Middle body fat storage

This is again a specific male body fat storage, because usually men are the ones who can have big bellies, while every other part of their bodies to be slim. Of course, there are also a lot of women who have such type of fat storage, but are less in number. One reason for this is the extensive drinking of alcohol. You have probably heard of the “beer belly”. There are a lot of calories in alcohol drinks. And when you drink beer, which is not only a type of booze, but it is also aerated, your belly swells. Drinking alcohol regularly will lead not only to temporary bloating, but to a permanent one. So, be careful with how much alcohol you drink.


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