Which will be This Fall’s Makeup Trends

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It is no secret that we love makeup and we cannot wait to try interesting and new makeup ideas and techniques. And since fall is going to come soon, we have decided to check which some of the most popular makeup trends for the season would be.

Do not be afraid that some of the makeup trends would not fit your personality because there are many and different ones some of which we have seen before and we simply adore. So, are you ready to seen which the fall makeup trends are?

#1 Natural look

The first of the makeup trends for fall is the natural look. It is also called the no-makeup makeup look. What you are going to need to achieve it is some powder, blush, mascara and lip gloss. These should also be some of your essential makeup products you need to bring with you everywhere you go.

You will also give your natural beauty some room to shine. You will need the powder to even your face complexion, the blush to give your cheeks some nice glow, the mascara to enhance your eyes, and the lip gloss to give some shine to your lips. You can like this look so much that it becomes your regular one. It is perfect for daytime and work.

#2 Dark, dark lips

Another trend that will be very popular this fall is all about the bold color of your lips. If you are into dark colors, you are definitely going to like it. Since fall and winter are the coldest seasons, the colors that usually people wear are darker ones and not as bright and colorful as the ones they wear during the other two seasons.

I guess the same goes for the lips this season. Just like last winter, this fall dark lips will be absolutely fashionable. The colors vary from really dark red, to dark blues, and, of course, black. So, choose your favorite and do not be afraid to wear it this season.

#3 50 shades of grey

If you are still in love with the bestselling book and the movie with the same title, then you can probably like this one of the trends which is all about grey eye makeup. Grey is one of the colors that is very suitable for winter and fall because it is not so bright, but more subtle one. Also it is claimed that people who wear grey are business-oriented and are very professional. This fall do not miss to get some grey eye shadows pallets and to create a smoky eye with it. Keep it simple and yet sweet and this makeup will be perfect for everyday situations and especially for work.

#4 Accentuating the lower lids

There are not many makeup techniques that are about the lower eye lids, but this fall one of the trends will be especially for them. There are a couple things you could try to accentuate your lower lids. The first thing is to apply a few coats of mascara only on your lower lashes.

This may be a little unusual, but it would be surely noticeable and new. If you do not like this idea, you may try smoky eye, but only on the lower lid again. Apply black eyeshadow on your lower lash line and smudge it, or just apply black eye pencil on your lower lash line without smudging it. Even if you do not think that these techniques would suit your personal style, you could still try them.

#5 Extended brows

The next makeup trend for fall would be about brows. We now that thick brows have been a huge hit for the last few years and they are still going to be. This season makeup artists are adding also length to the width of the brows. In other words, this fall long brows will be very popular.

If you do not have naturally long brows, do not worry, there is nothing that a brow pencil, or brow shadows cannot fix. You can accentuate your brows as well by drawing a line right underneath your brows. You can also create curves, or smudge it a little, but do not be afraid to experiment and accentuate your brows this fall.

#6 Taking eyeliner to the extremes

We love, love eyeliners, and if you love them too, then you would be definitely happy to know that eyeliners are still going to be fashionable in the fall, and not only this, but this makeup will be taken to the extremes. So, this means that if you are a fan of really big and long eyeliners, this is the time to try them on and wear them.

You could also experiment with the eyeliner. You could smudge it, or you could use it as an eye frame going much above the upped lash line, and lower than your lower lash line. Of course, this makeup is not suitable for everyday events, so it is best to stick to wearing it on theme parties, etc.

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