Which is the Best Place to Spend Christmas According to Your Zodiac Sign

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The more days past, the more people are thrilled about the coming of Christmas day. You have probably decided where to spend this very special day of the year, but have you thought which the best place to spend Christmas day is? Some people prefer more festive and wild holiday, while others may simply want to be with their loved ones, away from the city noise.

Well, today we have prepared for you such kind of information. And it is based on different zodiac signs’ preferences. So, check them out and see which the best place to spend Christmas day for you is.

Aries – Prague

Aries people like to party. They are quite loud and are very sociable. They like talking a lot and they like being in the center of attention. That is why Prague is one of the best cities for you to spend Christmas day. Every year it is decorated beautifully for the holiday. There are a lot of people and tourists and the atmosphere is very festive and party-like.

Taurus – Dubai

Taurus people like high life. They like travelling a lot and they would really like to spend Christmas day on different places every year. That is why there is not only one place that you would like to be on Christmas, but one of the cities that will suit your expensive-life affinity is Dubai. Dubai is probably the most popular city in the United Arabian Emirates (UAE). It is very popular with tourists from all over the world.

Gemini – Moscow

Gemini people prefer to spend Christmas somewhere cold with a chance of snow. They are definitely not into spending this holiday somewhere warm. One of the cities that would appeal to them is Moscow, the capital of Russia. The temperatures in Moscow often drop below the zero in the end of December which means that the odds are there will be snow. There are also interesting historic buildings to visit with one’s partner. Simply a romantic vacation.

Cancer – Paris

Cancer people are very emotional and kind-hearted. They prefer to spend the Christmas holidays in the company of their family at home, but if they decide to go somewhere abroad, one of the cities that will suit their taste is Paris. It is one of the most romantic cities in the world and it has even more romantic atmosphere in December. There are all kinds of beautiful Christmas decorations all over the city which help with the people’s festive mood.

Leo – Las Vegas

Leo people are born leaders. They have such a big charisma that one simply cannot help it but notice them. One of the cities that will match their big personality is Las Vegas, the sin city. Leo people do not mind skipping Christmas and they are likely to spend it somewhere warm. And why not have a wild party at the same time?!

Virgo –Berlin

One of the most visited cities in Europe during the Christmas holidays is Berlin because the atmosphere is festive, the city is decorated with different lights and Christmas trees and the temperatures are quite low at this time of the year which suits the spirit of the holiday. Virgos will like spending their Christmas day in Berlin only with their partner, away from their ordinary world and family. They could think of this city as their escape.

Libra – Istanbul

Libra people are not much into sweet and romantic escapes, especially when it comes to Christmas. They are likely to do things that people do not expect from them. They like doing things their own way and are certainly not afraid of it. That is why Istanbul is a city that would appeal to them. It is because Christmas is not an official holiday in Turkey. Which means that there will not be special celebrations and Christmas tree. Ideal place for the Libra rebels.

Scorpio – Lapland

Scorpio people are traditionalists. They are often conservative and too strict according to a lot of people who know them. They like spending a typical for their country Christmas with their family. And if they have to go abroad for the holiday, they will probably choose the place which is a symbol of Christmas – Lapland. This is where Santa lives and there is a lot of snow at this time of the year. It will suit Scorpio people’s tastes perfectly.

Sagittarius – London

Sagittarius people are famous for their love for travelling. They like travelling around the world, but in the end they always come back home. If they had to spend Christmas day abroad, they are likely to find London perfect for it. This is because London is very beautiful at this time of the year, not to mention cold. London would appeal to Sagittarius people also because there are a lot of places to visit there which will be a perfect match to Sagittarius’s travelling soul.

Capricorn –Rome

The capital of Italy, Rome, is one of the places that will suit the romantic and dreamy soul of Capricorn people. Capricorns are often known as daydreamers. That is why they like reading a lot. They simply dream of being somewhere else. Rome would appeal to them for two reasons. The first one is that Christmas is very important holiday in Italy and thus people celebrate it with special fetes. Another reason Rome would appeal to Capricorn people is because it is a historic city and this will give them the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity to adventures and mysteries.

Aquarius – Mexico

Aquarius people are considered odd and strange by a large part of society. And they do like acting unexpectedly. They do not like standardization. If they had to spend Christmas abroad, they would gladly spend it in Mexico. They like going to the beach and sunbathing. They also like typical Christmas celebrations. And that is why Mexico would match their personality and preferences.

Pisces – New York

Pisces adore Christmas. They simply adore watching Christmas movies, singing carols, and being with their family. One of the cities that will match their love to Christmas is New York. It is famous for being a perfect place for spending Christmas day. It has great atmosphere, low temperatures, often snow, and all kinds of Christmas celebrations and decorations one can think of.

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