Which Hair Color Trends Will be Popular in 2017

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There is something new and interesting about every beauty trend. And not only every year, but every season there is some new trend which comes in and is often likely to stay. The same goes for hair color trends. Sometimes the trends stay from the last year because they are very flattering and women liked them a lot. And other of the trends are new ones which will either stay for a year or so, or not. Today we have decided to show you which some of this year’s hair color trends will be. So, if you want a new do, then check out these pretty trends.

#1 Galactic colors

Mermaid makeup and galactic makeup are two very popular trends at the moment and it is no surprise that there will be other beauty trends which will be influenced by these colors. Galactic colors, or in other words blue and purple, will be one of the top trends for 2017. If you want some fresh look and you are tired of “normal” hair colors, then you could try this hair color.

Blue and purple are definitely colors that are not considered usual for hair colors since there are no natural hairs in these colors. But, of course, this does not mean women should not take advantage of it. On the contrary, this year you could have a galactic hairstyle dyeing your hair in these colors.

#2 Blonde-pink

Another interesting hair color, which started becoming popular last year, is blonde-pink. This is a fair hair color with some reddish, pink hues. There are some celebrities who dyed their hair for a while in this color and now it is overtaking the rest of us. Blonde-pink is a fresh color which diverges a little bit from the usual blonde color and makes it fresher and more stylish. If you like blonde hair, then you could certainly try this hair color in 2017.

#3 Burgundy red

And here is my personal favorite for the winter burgundy red. This color is perfect for the winter because it is not too bright and matches the weather perfectly. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot wear it in the rest of the year. Burgundy red is going to be the top red hue this year.

Another interesting way to use it is simply to play with your natural hair color and some burgundy red. You could even create some ombre effect with it. It is a good hairstyle idea for all the women who want some non-drastic change with their hair.

#4 Caramel

All the fans of brown hues, pay attention! Here is one of the top brown-color trends for 2017. And this is caramel. Of course, we know that this is not the first time that this hair color takes part in the list of hair color trends. There are a lot of celebrities who have started dyeing their hairs in such color a couple of years ago.

And still this trend continues to be one of the top ones, because it is fresh, it matches a lot of different complexions and women like it. It adds a little bit of twist to one’s chocolate-color hair. So, if you have been wanting to try it, now is the perfect time.

#5 Tiger’s eye

And since we have started talking about brown hue hair colors, now is the time to mention another such hue and this is the one which is called “tiger’s eye”. Of course, you can guess why it has such name. It is darker than caramel one and looks good on different skin complexions as well.

There again were a lot of celebrities wearing this hair color in 2016 and a lot of experts started suggesting that this hair color will become one of the top hair color trends in 2017. And they were right. So, if you have brown hair and you want some change, then you could definitely try this hair color. You could even feel like a celebrity.

#6 Almond Brown

Last, but certainly not least, is the almond brown hair color which will be among the other popular ones this year. What makes it so special is that it has become popular over the last couple of months and came as no surprise to a lot of people that it will be a huge hit in 2017.

What could make the color even more interesting is if you wear it with some pink hues, just like the blonde-pink color which is another top hair color trend. If you choose this color, you will not only be fashionable, but you will also give your hairstyle a little twist and will make it more interesting. After all, isn’t it that the thing that we all want?!

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