Which Exercises are the Most Suitable Ones for the Different Parts of the Day?

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We all know that doing sports and working out is very good for our bodies and people should be active if they want to be healthy. There are a lot of people who want to start working out, but are simply not motivated enough, or claim that they do not have enough time.

For example, a lot of people say that morning work-outs are the best, but if you do not have time to do a morning workout, this does not mean that you should not do any at all.

That is why we decided to inspire you to work out by showing you which the most suitable exercises for each part of the day are. This way you will know which kinds of exercises are the best ones to do when you are have enough time to work out. And this way you will no longer have the excuse not to work out.

6 am

There are a lot of people who start doing exercises at this time of the day before they go to work. And this truly is good for them, because they will fill their body with energy before work. Starting to work out at this time of the day is also good because your body has already woken up a little and it is no longer in a state of rest as it was during the night. Your blood pressure gets higher and your heart is beating faster. This is a suitable time for a run out in the open.

10 am

At this time of the day people are already working and they do not have time for exercises. However, if you do, you need to remember that this time of the day is very suitable for doing exercises. This is because a person is full of enthusiasm and energy.

And one is in their best physical state of the day which means that this is the perfect time to do all kinds of sports and workouts. If you decide to do sports at this time, remember that you should start no later than 10.30 because at 11 o’clock one feel their body less energized and begins working at its normal speed.

From 1 pm to 3 pm

This is not the best time to do exercises and you have probably noticed this right after having lunch. You probably become sleepy and tired and do not have enough energy to go through your daily tasks. You probably even want to have a nap and this is a normal reaction of your body.

If you want to work out during this time frame, then it is best not to do too difficult exercises. A long walk in the part to get some fresh air and to awaken yourself is probably the best choice.

5 pm

At this time of the day your body has overcome its tiredness and desire to relax and sleep and as a result one begins to feel more energized once again because their efficiency has become twice as high compared to the last few hours. This is a good time for a work out and it suits a lot of people since it matches the time they leave work. You could go to the gym and do some cardio exercises.

6 pm

If you want to do some kind of power sport, like boxing, martial arts, or another one which involves fighting and pain, then this is the best time to do it. This is because at this time of the day one’s sensitivity to pain is at its lowest stage during the day, which means that if you hurt yourself then, it would not hurt you as much as to hurting yourself during any other time of the day.

7 pm

Late workouts are not very good for your body. This is because your body knows that the evening is a part of the day when it is designed to relax and not to do exercises. That is why if you want to do exercises in the evening you should do them no later than 8 pm.

At 7 pm one’s blood pressure gets higher and one’s nervous system gets very sensitive. So, you should also have this in mind if you decide to do sports at this time of the day. As a result this may turn it into not such a pleasant activity.

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