Which are This Year’s Prom Jewelry Trends

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One of the influential periods of a woman’s life is her prom. This is the moment not only when she graduates high school, but the time she realizes she is already a grownup. So, this period really deserves to be celebrated properly. Starting from the prom dress and makeup, up to their date and the great party.

Which also means that this is the perfect time to look your best and shine like a star. And since we are so curious to know everything about the way girls looked at this year’s proms, we have decided to pay special attention not to the dresses, but to the accessories. Sometimes they can leave even a greater impression than the dress.

#1 Hair jewelry

This year hairstyles were not only about doing something interesting with your hair, like having a different color, or for the first time in your life tying all of your hair in a beautiful bun. This year hair jewelries took great part in hairstyle processes.

The best thing is that there are many different hair jewelries that the girls wearing them would not be jealous they saw another girl with the same type of hair jewelry.

The most popular ones, of course, are the flower-like ones. Some girls stick to tiaras with flowers, other prefer to wear headbands which look like the ones from the 1920s, and others simply prefer to wear a gentle flower hairpiece braided in the back side of their head.

There are a lot of girls who prefer to wear unconventional headpieces that will attract as much attention as possible – ones that have big shiny stones on.

#2 Jewelry sets

Probably every single girl wear earrings to her prom. It has been like that ever since the world began. However, girls need to be careful how they match their earrings to the rest of their outfit and especially to the rest of the jewelries they are wearing.

For example, if they decide to wear a central piece of jewelry that is big and attracts a lot of attention, the rest of the jewelries they are wearing should be definitely much smaller and complementing.

And if they decide that there is no need to wear a big piece of jewelry, they may wear 3 different pieces with relatively similar size. Or better yet, they could even decide to wear a set with the same type of earrings, necklace, and bracelet. And besides, it is going to be quite easy to match them.

#3 Chandelier earrings

If you have decided that you do not want to cover yourself from top to bottom with expensive and shiny jewelries, then you could stick to a single piece of jewelry – the earrings. They could be the central part of the accessories a girl wears to her prom.

What is great about chandelier earrings is that they are big and long, which helps elongate ones neck (and yes, we want to have long necks just like supermodels). Another thing they are perfect for is attracting one’s attention to the face of the girl wearing them, which is an effect a lot of girls want to achieve.

#4 Finger bracelets

Another very popular type of jewelry for proms this year is finger bracelets. These are bracelets that connect a girl’s finger and her wrist with a couple of chains. Sometimes the chains may be five or even more which makes the bracelet even more attention-attractive than the single chain bracelets.

What else makes the finger bracelets quite attractive is the material they are made from. Diamonds and shiny stones will surely be an eye-stopper. Overall finger bracelets are very elegant and will give one’s hand more gracefulness than usual. And this makes them perfect for proms.

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