Which are This Fall’s Jewelry Trends

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When it comes to fashion, the great thing about every season is the new fashion trends. They offer different items that can match people’s preferences and style. At the same time one can try some new fashion piece and to add something new to their style. Fashion trends are really helpful even if one does not follow them blindly.

Today we are going to show you which some of the top jewelry trends for fall 2017 are. This way you can choose the ones that you like best and wear them this season. You will look cool, fashionable, and it will match your personal style. So, here they are!

#1 Statement rings

One of the top jewelry trends this season as a whole is rings. If you love wearing rings, then this season is the time to do it because a top current trend is rings in general. And if you are wondering what kind of rings to wear exactly, then we could help you with this because a more specific part of the ring trend this season is statement rings.

You could wear some big wings with precious or semi-precious stones, or you could wear rings with pearls. Another interesting trend is wearing stamped rings. You could actually wear a ring with your initials, or why not with the initials of your partner. Signet rings are also popular type of rings this season and you could wear such one this season.

#2 Long rope necklaces

The next type of jewelry that will be popular this season is long rope necklaces. Rope necklaces are sometimes worn in the summer because they are a symbol of the sea, the boats, and the anchors. Interestingly enough, this year long rope necklaces are a fall and not a summer trend.

Their length and their thickness helps them match the season. Not only thick clothes are popular in the cold seasons of the year but thick and big jewelries as well. This season you could wear long and thick rope necklaces and you will match the current jewelry trends perfectly.

#3 Friendship bracelets

Teenagers often like wearing handmade jewelries which often showed how they feel. They may be in love and they could wear a bracelet or a necklace of their boyfriend. They may also wear some jewelry with the name or face of their favorite artist. Or they could wear handmade friendship bracelets.

Well, guess what, one of these sweet teenage type of jewelry is one of the current fashion trends. And this is friendship bracelets. Of course, it is better to avoid the cheap king of childhood bracelets and wear more of a mature kind of bracelets still matching your best friend’s one. They could be the same bracelets in different colors. Or they could absolutely the same ones, or even with the name of your friend.

#4 Different earrings

The next trend is quite an interesting one and it is perfect for those of you who are into not ordinary types of jewelry. It is a pair of not matching earrings. You can wear one big earring and one small one. The great thing about it is that there is no need to buy a new pair of earrings and you can use some pairs of such that you already have.

The important thing is that it is necessary to wear one earring that is obviously bigger than the other one. It could be a stud earring or a hoop one, and the other earring could be just a very small one with some stone. And voila, your new and trendy pair of earrings will be made.

#5 Pearls

We could say for the next trend that it is a traditional one with a slight twist. We have all watched movies set in the past where aristocratic ladies wear pearl necklaces. It usually shows wealthiness and at the same time it is more suitable for women who are 40+ old.

This season pearls will be a part of the jewelry trends but not entirely how you probably picture them – a pearl necklace. Pearls will play a part in jewelry trends, but they would more likely be on a ring, on a part of an earring, or on a necklace, but only with a single pearl.

#6 Hoops, hoops, hoops

The last trend in our list is again about a certain type of earrings and if you are into hoop earrings, you will be glad to find out that this season they will be one of the top trends. You can wear any size of hoop earrings even though the ones that are extremely big will be even more trendy. And if you are wondering what the material of the earrings to be, you could choose some bright metal type, like yellow.

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