Which are the Top Foods You Need to Have to Get Rid of Headaches

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Nobody is safe from having a headaches. It may happen to all of us. This is because of overworking, not getting enough sleep, crying too much, and other common reasons. And since headaches are so common it is no surprise that nowadays science has developed a lot of medicines that can deal with headaches.

However, the best medicines are the natural ones. It is not a good idea to have a pill every time you have a headache. And it is not a good idea to leave your headache deal on its own. So, what to do in this case? Just use natural remedies to treat headaches.

The best thing is that you could cure your headache by having something delicious to eat. Here are the top foods that can help you fight headaches.


If you have a headache, simply drink a coffee. Coffee contains caffeine, of course, and it is perfect for dealing with headaches. If you do not believe this, you could check the ingredients in a lot of pills for headache, they contain caffeine. In fact, caffeine is good for one’s brain. If you are not much of a coffee fan, then you could have black tea instead. It again contains caffeine and will help you get rid of headache.


If you are looking for another headache remedy, then you should try with having some cheese. Sometimes a headache could be a sign of a lack of calcium in one’s body. And if you have learned your lesson as a kid, then you should know that dairy products contain a lot of calcium which is good for your bones.

So, even if you are not big fan of cheese, you could have a couple of bites, or you could drink some milk. Or why do not you combine caffeine and milk and have a milk with coffee. This way the remedy will be twice as powerful.

Water, water, water

It is very important to drink water not only when you have a headache, but also any kind of illness. And, of course, in general, is very good to have as much water as you can. If you cannot get used to drinking water, then you could simply start eating fruits, like watermelon, which contain a lot of water. This way your body will be hydrated in the hot summer days. And your headache will dramatically be reduced.


There are also other reasons for the occurrence of headaches. One of them is the lack of potassium in one’s body. Well, sometimes we cannot be 100 % sure what the real reason is, but it does not hurt to add some more of this mineral in your body.

Potatoes contain a lot of potassium, which means that they are a great kind of meal if you are looking for a remedy to get rid of headaches. It is best to have them either boiled or baked, and not fried. This way you will help your overall health and bodily weight.

Spicy foods

It is not always preferable to eat spicy foods, but if you want to get rid of a headache, then you need to have something spicy, a chilly, for example. The way spicy food work is that they “unplug” blood vessels and allows the blood flow to go smoothly. The pressure in your head will dramatically decrease and you will feel better. This way you will not feel any pressure in your head and thus, you will not feel any pain. So, make sure you have a few chilies at home, or something else spicy to h

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