Which are the Most Common Mistakes Women Make When Choosing Outfits

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There are a lot of people who do not realize that not all kinds of clothes we like suit us. There are, for example, women who like certain clothes designs, but they may not simply complement their looks. Sometimes it is very difficult to decide whether a certain type of clothing suits one’s body and as a result people make mistakes. Today we are going to show you which some of the most common mistakes women make are when it comes to wearing outfits and how to fix them. Here they are!

#1 Wearing boat-type neckline

The first one of some of the most common mistake women do when choosing clothes is getting a dress or a top with a boat-type neckline. This kind of décolletage makes one shoulders wider and not only your shoulders, but it creates the illusion that the person wearing it has bigger body.

It is needless to say that such kinds of necklines do not complement one’s body. Instead you should wear v-shaped necks. This neckline will make you appear slimmer and much more elegant. So, toss out all your boat-necks and get some new v-shaped ones.

#2 Wide horizontal lines

If you have any clothes with big vertical lines, it does not matter whether they are dresses, tops, skirts, or coats, you should definitely toss them right away. Just like the almost horizontal boat-type of neckline makes one appear wider and bigger, the same way big horizontal lines on somebody’s clothing will do the same thing. Such kind of pattern will only make one appear wider than they actually are. So, if you do not want to look fatter, then it is best to forget about clothes with horizontal lines, especially if they are big ones.

#3 Loose clothes

There are a lot of women who are worried to show much of their bodies if they have some extra pounds on. That is often why they prefer to wear loose clothes so this extra flab they have not to show. However, loose clothes can also create the illusion that one is fatter than they really are.

Surely, there are some nice loose patterns you can wear if you choose suitable ones for your body type. In general you should be very careful with loose clothes. It is best to choose clothes in darker shades for this part of your body you want to draw the attention from and to hide it a little even, but try not to count on too loose clothes.

#4 Too many decorations on clothes

The next mistake which a lot of women make is wearing clothes with too many decorations on them, like beading and ruffles, even sequins, etc. When there is too much going on in one’s outfit, then it means that something is wrong with it.

For example, a lot of women wear some kind of tops with sewn decorations, like sequins or some stones. If they add a big and shiny necklace to their outfit, the sequins/stones and the shiny necklace will be in a clash. There will be just way too much decoration.

That is why one should forget about the necklace in this case. If they still want to wear jewelry, they can wear some earrings, or a bracelet, but only in case the jewelry is not too close to the decorations from the outfit.

And also, if one has too much fabric on their clothes, like ruffles and some ribbons, they can also appear bigger than they actually are because this extra fabric will add extra weight on one’s body. That is why you should be very careful about such clothing.

#5 Too bright and colorful patterns

Do not get this wrong, wearing colorful clothing is nice and makes one look younger and fresher. However, if one wears some type of clothing with too many bright colors, looking like a rainbow, this is certainly not the right way to go. One should learn how to find the balance between colors.

If they want to wear some colorful pattern, they can do it, but only in case their whole outfit is not in this pattern. There could be some accessory, like a scarf, or some part of the outfit that is in a more colorful batter, but it certainly should not be the whole of it because this will make them look a little fatter than you actually are.

So, it is best to keep simple this part of your clothing which colors certain parts of the body you do not want to make bigger.

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