Which are The Biggest Bra Mistakes You are Making without Realizing It

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Bras are one of the things that are designed only for women. It is like they are part of some world that only women can understand. Only they can know how important bras are for their everyday activities and what a big step in a girl’s life is to start wearing bras. Men just have no idea what bras mean to women, and it is better to stay this way (even though a lot of men have difficulties in taking off a bra). It does not look like a really a difficult thing to do: one puts on a bra where it is supposed to be and buckles it. But there are some things that a lot of women do not know about bras and that is why they may feel uncomfortable in them sometimes. Here are the biggest bra mistakes women make and how to fix them.

Mistake #1 – You wear cheap bras
Some people think that underwear is not that important because it is not something that one shows to other people, especially if they are single. So, why to buy some expensive bra when they can buy a cheap one, and the rest of the money to spend for some nice new bag? And if you find similarities in the description and you, then you are making mistake #1. Bras should be comfortable. You are not only wearing it every day, but you are wearing it all day long. Some women even sleep with their bras, which probably has happened to all of us, when unexpectedly we fall asleep on the couch. Remember that when you feel comfortable with your bra, your breasts will feel comfortable and you will be giving them what they need to be healthy.

Mistake #2 – You wear bras with large strap bands
A lot of women wear bras with big straps, because they feel more comfortable with the extra support holding their breasts. Of course, it is probably useless to mention that these bra straps are not very attractive when they show up under one’s top, but at least they will not do any harm, compared to the large strap bands. The larger they are, the bigger part of your back will cover and will make you feel uncomfortable. Even worse it will be if the strap band is too tight. When you take it off it will feel like your back is itching and you will need some time to recover from this pressure. Why would anyone want to do such a thing to themselves?!

Mistake #3 – You do not try on your bras before buying them
Believe it or not, there are a lot of women who do not feel comfortable trying on bras in fitting rooms. Some of them get paranoid that there may be hidden cameras which will later on post the video online, or that behind the mirror there are men who watch women get undressed. Of course, you should know that all of this is illegal. Stores just will not allow it, and besides, all of this is probably a result of your vivid imagination. Other women are too shy to try on underwear in fitting rooms, because they think that any time a man could accidentally open the door and see them naked. Well, if you are that worried someone may see you trying on clothes, just ask a friend to come with you and guard the door. But whatever you do, do not buy bras that you have not tried on. Even if they are your size, you may still not feel comfortable in them. And if your bra size have changed, how will you know without trying on a couple of bras? So, make sure that you do not make this mistake again.

Mistake #4 – You wear bras which outline shows through your clothes
You have seen women on the streets wearing fitted tops in the summer through which one can see their bras, but not because the top is too thin (even though sometimes it is), but because the bra is too tight. If a bra is too small for you, you should not wear it. It means that it is not comfortable for your breasts, you are pressing them. Some women prefer to wear smaller bra sizes because when the breasts are closer together, they will look bigger. If you are doing this, stop immediately. You should always feel comfortable in your bra. Another way to know that your bra is small for you is when the bra strap band goes higher on the back and not on the level of your breasts. It not only looks uncomfortable and not attractive, but it leaves your breasts in an awkward position. If you are not sure about this, just test it. Get a couple of bra sizes from the same type and try them on. You will find out the one you feel most comfortable with immediately. And this may help you understand that your bra size has changed.


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