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One of the best things about New Year is that there are new fashion trends to try and to be excited about. Today we have decided to pay special attention to bags. This is one of the top accessories a woman should always have to complement her outfit. And not only to use it as an accessory, but to keep things, like money, phone, and keys, in it. So, if you are also thrilled about the new bag trends that 2017 will bring, then check them out!

#1 Fringe and tassels

Good news to those of you who like tassels and fringe, in 2017 women will have the opportunity to have fringe or tassel bags to complement their outfits. You could choose a bag with longer tassels that take most of the front part of the bag, or they could be only an accessory to the bag and to complement it. Another good thing about this bag trend is that you could both choose small handbags, or bigger bags. It depends on your taste, even if tassel bags are usually small ones.

#2 Tiny bags

The next bag trend would appeal to those of you who do not like wearing big bags. This trend is all about the super tiny bags. Women usually wear this kind of bags on a night out, but this trend would allow one to wear such bags on everyday occasions if one wants to. You could wear small shoulder bags or cross body bags.

#3 Large duffle bags

Not only small bags will be popular this year, but also large duffle bags. This way women who love big bags will also not be disappointed. Large duffle bags will be one of the top trends this year that is why you can go ahead and wear them.

Of course, it is not necessarily to wear such extremely big bags, but middle-size ones will also be a good choice. And when it comes to colors, you could both choose dark ones, like dark blue, or brighter ones, like orange and even prints. And since we talk about prints, here comes the next trend.

#4 Prints

Every year there is a bag trend that includes prints and this year will be no exception. The first type of prints that will be popular is the animal ones, like tiger, leopard, and zebra ones. There could be even some faux fur parts of the bag.

If you are not much into animal prints, then you could try with floral ones, because this will be another of the top bag trends in 2017. Of course, these kinds of bags are more likely to be worn in the spring and the summer since they give a fresh and colorful touch to the overall outfit.

When it comes to printed bags, medium size and small size ones are to be preferred rather than big size ones. Have it in mind when you choose your printed bags this year.

#4 Metallic bags

If you are wondering what kind of bag color to choose, then you could try with metallic and shiny ones. I personally think of such kinds of bags as ones suitable for a night out, but this year you could wear them for not so special events as well. You could also experiment with the shape of the bag and try some which you would not normally try.

#5 Attachments

If you like wearing interesting statement necklaces and accessories, then this bag trend could appeal to you. And the good thing about it is that you could try this trend with one of your older bags. You could simply attach an old key holder to it and you will change the overall look of the bag. Or you could simply buy a bag with some attachment to it. This trend is interesting and it definitely attracts one’s attention.

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