What Your Sitting Position Says about Your Personality

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Nowadays there are a lot of personality tests people do in order to wind more about their personality. There are two main types of such tests. The first one is about your personal preferences, like your favorite color, or your favorite animal. The next one is a body trait, like the shape of your nose, or the length of your fingers, and so on.

Today we are also going to show you another test. And this one concerns your comfort zone when you are sitting. Have you ever thought that your favorite sitting position can reveal a thing or two about your personality? Well, if not today you are going to find out what it has to say about you. Think carefully which your favorite sitting position is and check what it says.

#1 A-position

The first position is the one when people point the toes on their left foot to the toes of their right foot. This position looks a lit like the letter A. If this is your usual sitting position then you are a person of principle.

You are very friendly and easy-going. One of your strongest features is that you adapt easily to new situations and new environments. That is often why you like traveling and exploring new places. You are very adventurous and always ready to go.

#2 With their legs crossed

This position is often typical for a lot of women. If you often cross your legs when you are sitting, then you are very likely to have a dreamy personality. Your head is often in the clouds and you like dreaming big. This also means that you are very creative and you have lots of ideas which you would like to share with the rest of the world.

For you your job is not an obligation, but your personal choice. You like having fun no matter where you are and what you are doing. People often like your company.

#3 Knees wide apart and heels touching

The next sitting position is when a person sits with their knees wide apart, but when their heels are still touching. If this is your most comfortable sitting position then it means you are a strong person. You are also very stubborn because when you set your mind on something there is nothing that could change your mind or opinion.

You also have very memorable personality and people notice you as soon as you enter a room. You could be at times bossy, but people often like listening to you and following your ideas because you could be a great leader as well.

#4 With their legs pressed together

The next position is sitting with one’s legs and feet pressed together. If this is how you feel most comfortable sitting, then it means you are very punctual. You are hardly late for a meeting and if it does happen, then it would be on really rare occasions. You are very strict as well. You like finishing what you have started and you never leave your job to your colleagues.

You also do not like arguing so you avoid any conflicts. Some people may say about you that you are a bit too soft, but this is not necessarily true. You simply prefer a more relaxed environment. You also have very good defense mechanism. You isolate yourself in some situations.

#5 Legs pressed together, to the side

The final sitting position is when one’s feet and legs are pressed together, but they are tilted to the left or to the right. If this is your favorite sitting position, then this means you are a person who thinks ahead of their time. You often think about the results of any decision you take and you analyze what can happen in each of the possible cases.

You achieve your goals always and often at any cost. You are definitely very ambitious and goal-oriented. Another one of your features is that you hardly care about other people’s opinion of you. That is because you know what you want from your life and you simply achieve it.

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