What to Wear on a Christmas Party

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Christmas is almost here and all of us who love it cannot wait for it to come. You have probably bought all the presents for your family and friends. But have you decided what to wear on the Christmas party? If not, today we will inspire you to choose an outfit for the Christmas day.

Of course, everyone should match the outfits to their personal style, so if you do not like something about an outfit, do not be afraid to change it and to use another thing. But enough talking, here are the outfits we have prepared for you!

#1 Long pleated skirt

One of the huge hits of this year is long pleated skirts, especially if they are velvet ones. So, if you are wondering what to wear on this year’s Christmas party and you want to be chic and fashionable, then you can try with this type of skirts. The great thing about them is that one can easily match them with different tops, but personally I would match it to a silky kind of top.

The important thing is not to wear velvet tops because this way the velvet fabric on your outfit will be too much. It is best to choose another fabric. When it comes to the accessories, you definitely should try with the metallic ones. Bangles, shoes, bags, and even belts, they can all be metallic and will match the velvet skirt beautifully.

#2 Velvet blouse

If you consider the previous outfit too bold for you, but you still want to have something velvety on yourself, then you will probably like this suggestion better – a velvet blouse. Since this fabric is a hit this year, appearing on your Christmas party dressed like that will make you feel confident and in the right mood.

If you want to be more casual, you can wear the top with a pair of skinny jeans, but do not forget to put on some metallic high heels and some metallic clutch bag. If you put your hair up in a bun and if you wear some big shiny necklace, you can be sure what this outfit will no longer be that casual, but quite elegant even. It is a perfect outfit for a day-time party as well.

#3 Do not underestimate accessories

I am personally in love with all kinds of accessories and jewelry. If you also like them and often wear accessories that match your outfit, then you can also include them in your Christmas outfit. And not only include them, but make them the central piece of it.

This means that the accessories you choose need to be big and shiny and glamorous. For example, you can choose a big necklace, or big and shiny earrings, or you could choose a clutch bag to be the center piece of your outfit. The main rule here is to choose a simple outfit, like a one-color dress, and to match it with outstanding piece of accessory. The rest is up to you.

#4 Faux-fur Scarf

Another interesting idea for those of you who like faux fur is to wear such kind of scarf on your Christmas party. As for the rest of the outfit, you can choose a black suit and to match it with a white faux-fur scarf. This accessory is quite a sophisticated one, as fur is generally considered to be worn by high class people.

If the suite you wear is a two-piece one, a jacket and a pair of pants, this scarf will make it even more sophisticated and complete. This outfit could be also worn to work because it is not a strictly elegant one. And, of course, do not forget to put on some high heels.

#5 Stick to dresses

There are a lot of women who do not wear dresses in their everyday lives. They prefer something more practical and easy to wear, like pants and jeans. If you are one of these women, then I suggest you wear a dress on your Christmas party. It is not necessary to be a short one, or some fitted one that would not make you feel good. You can wear a more casual dress that will make you feel comfortable as well.

And if you think that this dress is too modest, you may simply make it more elegant and unique by adding a couple of accessories. Another thing that can make you stand out if you decide to wear a simple dress is your hair and makeup. When your outfit is simple, then put on bold makeup and wear your hair like you normally would not. This way there will be balance between your outfit and your hair and makeup. Modest and bold go well together.

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