What to Pack for a Winter in Europe

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Winter is one of the seasons during which people travel because they want to be with family and friends when the Christmas holidays come, or because they want to go to another, warmer place during the long and cold season at home, or simple because they love traveling.

One of the popular winter destinations, especially during the winter holidays, is Europe. The capitals of the European countries are very beautifully decorated which helps attract a lot of tourists from all over the world and not only Europe.

If you are planning to go on a holiday in Europe in the winter, no matter whether it is during the Christmas holidays, or not, you need to be prepared for the weather conditions there. To help you with this task, we have prepared for you a short packing guide for a winter in Europe. This way you will enjoy the time spent there without worrying about the weather.

#1 Thick sweaters

The first thing you should consider if you are about to go on a holiday in Europeduring the winter, then you surely need to prepare some very thick clothes, especially thick jumpers. Winters are cold in Europe. There is often a lot of snow and it could get really windy. That is why you surely need to take some thick woolen clothes with you.

Make sure you bring some really warm jacket as well. This way, even if you are not going out on some special even and you want to wear a dress, or something lighter, the thick jacket will keep you warm. It does not matter if you are planning to go to northern, or southern Europe, you still need to be prepared for cold weather.

#2 Jeans

The next thing which you should consider packing when you set off for Europe is some pairs of jeans. They are not the warmest kinds of clothes, but they are really comfortable, you could match them with a lot of tops. They could be more elegant, or more casual depending on your style and choice of clothes.

If you pack just a couple of pairs of jeans you will have more room for other clothes, especially thick ones, which is another plus to wearing jeans in Europe. You could choose some black pair. It will attract sunlight more and thus it will keep you warmer, at the same time it could suit every other color.

#3 Boots

The next very important thing you need to pack in your luggage is some really warm and waterproof boots. As we mentioned, the weather in Europe in the winter is very cold and it often snows.

You will need some waterproof shoes to keep the snow, or the rain since it may also be raining, off your feet and to be warm and comfortable. You could tuck your jeans into your boots and feel warm, comfortable, and fashionable all day long.

#4 Hat, scarves, and mittens

The next thing which you need to pack if you decide to spend the winter in Europe will hardly surprise you since winters in Europe are cold. You need to make sure you bring some hat, mittens, and a scarf to keep warm in the cold weather.

At the same time these items can be great accessories. You could choose such ones in matching colors, or you could choose ones to match the color of your boots, bag, and so on. You actually have the freedom to experiment with colors. But make sure the fabrics are thick and warm.

#5 Leggings or pantyhose

The next thing which I would personally recommend wearing in the winter in Europe is leggings, or some thick pantyhose under whatever bottom you are wearing. You could put on some jeans and you could wear underneath them some pantyhose which will keep you extra warm.

It may sound a bit strange, but if you try it you will see that you will not feel uncomfortable and at the same time you will be warmer than wearing just a pair of jeans.




#6 A cross-body bag

The last thing in our list is both practical and comfortable. If you are wondering what kind of bag to bring with you on your holiday in Europe, then try with a cross-body one. The reason for this is that such kinds of bags are very comfortable.

You can put them on without worrying that you will lose something. At the same time you could take pictures, have something to eat, or do something else without having to worry where to put your bag since it will be on your back.

Another benefit of wearing such kind of bag no matter which country you visit is that it is the perfect resistance for robbers. If the bag in a cross-body one, they will not be able to snatch it off your hand, for example.

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