What to Consider when Buying a Designer Bag

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One of the best ways to make an outfit stand out and look like you are a professional fashionista is to add a designer bag. It adds class, sophistication and if it chosen correctly, it can be an illustration of great style, taste and knowledge of the fashion world. Whether it is a Louis Vuitton tote, a Chanel 2.55, a Gucci Boston Bag or a Givenchy Antigona bag (we can go on and on with iconic designer bags), a designer bag is a key accessory to a simple outfit and make it completely different. However, before you decide to invest in such an expensive item, you need to go through a careful process of thinking about it. Here are a few things you need to consider:

  • First of all, take a look at your collection of bags. Assessing what you already own needs to be a step every time you go out shopping, so that you do not end up with lots of the same things or unnecessary impulsive purchases. The types of bags that should probably exist in your closet are: tote bag, clutch bag, trendy bag, travel bag and statement bag. Splurge on something you do not own and you do will get a lot of use of. Probably a fancy clutch for nights out? Or you are hunting for the perfect leather tote bag for your everyday outfits?
  • Second of all, you should do your research before purchasing a pricey bag. Look at at least three or four online stores since prices often vary. Check out outlets and, if looking online, delivery prices since they can boost up the sum of money significantly.
  • Consider your lifestyle and outfit choices. If you never visit glamorous nightclubs, you might not want to get a fancy clutch that will just collect dust. Or if your work outfits are mostly in warm tones, do not go for a silver shoulder bag. Pick the color and style that suits your personality!
  • Check out the quality! See how the interior is constructed (it should not only be beautiful, but also well-made), the exterior stitching and seams. Last but not least, check out the amount of space it provides you with. If you are one of those girls that like carrying not only your wallet and phone, but also a notebook, makeup bag and hairbrush, go for something bigger. I have gotten bags that appear bigger, but in the end I rarely wear them because they cannot fit all of my stuff!
  • Finally, check out what the store’s return policy is. You do not want to end up regretting spending $1000!

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