What The Tip of Your Lipstick Says about Your Personality

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You have probably heard that some of the things we do in our everyday lives define us as the people we are. For example, your favorite coffee reveals part of your personality. Do you prefer to drink black coffee, or cappuccino is the one for you? Your choice reveals something about your personality, even though you had no idea it could mean such a thing.

Today we have prepared something similar for you, but this time it does not include your personal taste, but something that resembles more of a habit, or something that involuntarily do without even realizing they are doing it. And now it is time to make it clearer to you what we are talking about.

The tip of your lipstick reveals something about your personality. You know after you have used your lipstick for some time that the initial shape has changed a little, and if not completely.

So, if you want to know what the tip of your lipstick reveals about your personality, first you need to look it up to make sure what its shape is, and then read the following part of the article to find out what it says about you. And here are all the lipstick tips.

#1 Rounded tip to a point

If the lipstick you have been using is rounded, but it still has a point, then you have a very polarizing personality. Some people adore you, while others dislike you a lot. Which, of course, is not a bad thing. After all you do not need all the people in the world to like you. You are happy with the friends you have and the situation is fine with you. You are proud with this part of your personality. You openly state your opinion even if there is a chance that you might offend somebody. You are also brave, and you take a lot of risks. And that is exactly why the most successful people in the world achieve their goals.

#2 Flat top concave

Do not mistake this flat top with the rounded one, because the personality characteristics will be a little different. You are quite a sociable person and that is why you are often in the center of attention wherever you go. It does not matter if this happens when you are with your friends and relatives, or if you have just met some people. That makes some people not so fond of you, but you are mostly loved because of your positivism.

#3 Sharp diagonal tip

You know when you buy a lipstick its shape naturally is with a sharp and diagonal tip. If you prefer to apply your lipstick the way it is, without changing its original shape, then you take care of your things and you want to keep them as good as new. But not only this, this shape of the lipstick shows that you are born leader. You know what you want in your life and how to achieve it. However, this is when it comes only to your work. As for your personal life, it is a bit of a mess there. You often are afraid from commitments. You often have second thoughts about the decisions you have made. And that is mostly why you rely so much on the others’ opinions. The one thing that is good about it is that you are able to hide your insecurities. You make it look like you have made the decisions yourself.

#4 Sharp angles on both sides

If you apply lipstick on and you leave two sharp sides with a sharp tip, you are quite a flirtatious person. Even if you are in a relationship, you do not mind to talk with that cute boy you have met in in the club. It is a bit annoying and it could also be the reason why you break up with your partner. However, at one point in your life, you should escape from this behavior of yours and commit with your partner. Another part of your personality is that you like traveling and partying, and I mean a lot. You can dance all night long in a club somewhere far away from your home. Yes, you are definitely a party animal.

#5 Rounded smooth tip

You are very lovable and affectionate person. You can easily like a person, a couple of minutes after you have met them. You are very gentle and are worried not to hurt anybody with something you have said. Your family is the most important thing in your life, and your home is its representation. You take care both of your family and your home. You keep it tidy and clean, and you even do not look at it as a chore, but you quite enjoy it. It is not surprising that you love traditions and you like when all the family gathers on holidays.


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