What NOT to Wear When At Work

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More and more people nowadays work in an office. Some time ago this was considered one the most prestigious jobs. Now it is almost the same, which means that when you have a specific job and the expectations of your work are high and you have to meat them. And if you want to be taken seriously, you should act and look professional, and this is where the working wear comes in. Well, if you still believe in the stereotypes that you should wear smart pants at work, just stop it immediately. Here are some tips that may help you have a more professional look. And, yes it means that you should reorganize your wardrobe right now and never to wear these clothes at work.

Way too short

When you go to work, you should definitely forget about shorts and miniskirts. It is true that it is too hot in the summer, and people are looking for an escape from the heat in different kinds of cropped outfits, but shorts and miniskirts will not do you a favor. Your colleagues will consider you just a pretty face, or better yet a body in this case, that their boss hired because of the wrong reasons. It is just not professional. And if you think that you can wear them with pantyhose or leggins, think twice. It is still not professional, even if your booty is not exposed to the eyes of your colleague. If you want to wear them do this in your spare time, for example in the park, but for work you need your skirts and pants to be a couple of centimeters below your knee.

Cropped clothes

If you want to let go and have some fun at the club, you can put on some sexy cropped top or another with bare shoulders, but when you go to the office, you should just forget about them. They are absolutely inappropriate for work, if you are not a pole dancer, of course. Another very important thing you should remember is that your neckline should also not be too big. It is better to hide your breasts when you are at certain places, than giving the wrong impression that you are looking for attention. And if you do not want want to be the laughing stock in the office or people to gossip about you, just hide your body a little.

Too artistic outfits

If you are crazy about fashion and want to follow it no matter what, then do it. But when we talk about your outfit for work, you should be a little careful with all the new tendencies. If you get inspired by something too sparkly or way too colorful, you will look a little bit childish or foolish, and people will definitely look at you, but not in a good way. Do you suppose that people will take you seriously and not as a joke. Impressions are very important and like it or not, our clothes make impressions to the people around us, and you are the one who will decide what kind of impression to make. You can still have your own style and dress attractively, you only have to be careful not to go over the top.

Too casual clothes

The clothes that you wear at home are probably very comfortable. Admit it that the idea of wearing them to the office has been looking pretty tempting to you. However, a pair of old sneakers with baggy pants is not one of the best choices for a work wear. At the office you should look professional and not like you are just looking for a place to take a nap. You still can dress comfortably and at the same time to look professional. Just try to avoid some clothes like sweatsuits or leggins through which your colleagues can see your underwear. And speaking of underwear…

Underwear showing through your clothes

If you want to look professional and to climb the ladder of success without help, your underwear won’t help you. So, you should better not choose such clothes for work. They are even not appropriate for any other place. Such clothes will make you look cheep. It is very embarrassing people who have no sexual contact with you to know all of your underwear. So, the next time when you sit in the public transport make sure that the people behind you are not involuntarily looking at your thongs. And the next time you buy a cropped top, think also about the bra you are going to match it with, because with cropped clothes you have to be careful, even if you are not at the office.


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