What Makes a Man Fall in Love with You

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One of the questions that a woman has asked herself at least once in her life is “how to make him fall in love with me?” Of course, there are probably women who were born so perfect that they do not have to make an effort when they want to attract a guy. But the rest of us, the mortal ones, have often struggled with ways to attract someone’s attention.

And in fact, it is not only about attracting a person physically. It is about bounding. So, today we have decided to find the reasons why men fall in love with women and what kind of qualities a woman should have in order to make a man really fall in love with her. If you are also curious to find out, then check out our list.

#1 It is just a chemical reaction

If you have ever thought that the heart has to do with love, you are wrong. The heart is just an organ that pumps blood while the brain is the organ that could be said to make people fall in love. This is because love is not some kind of magic as some of you may think, it is simply a mixture of chemicals, like dopamine and testosterone, that go to the brain.

So, yes, people fall in love because of chemical reactions. Which means that if a man does not fall in love with you, it is not your fault or his. It is just that his chemicals have not reacted to yours. In such cases there is no need to blame yourself or to suffer. It is just nature and you need to move on.

#2 Emotional intimacy

One of the things that makes a person fall in love is when they feel a connection and emotional intimacy. It is very important that a man trusts a woman and feels her close. Otherwise he would not be able to really fall in love with her and it will be only just some kind of attraction that is going to fade away with time.

When it comes to love, a relationship should not be built only on physical attraction and intimacy, but on emotional ones. That is why if you want to make a man fall in love with you, you can start by making this person feel comfortable in your company and showing him that he can trust you.

#3 Independence

Men like it when a woman is independent and not only this, but they are really attracted to such kind of quality. It is important that a woman should know how to take care of herself and this would definitely attract a man’s attention. Men do not like spoiled women. If they date such ones, this will be only for a short period of time until they decide that they have had enough and this will not be love but some kind of physical attraction.

#4 Freedom

One of the most important things men value in a relationship is the freedom they have. They do not like it when a woman tells them what to do and where to go. They also do not like restrictions. They like it when the woman does not put pressure on them and this way they will feel comfortable and relax. And when they feel comfortable and relaxed, there is a chance that they could fall in love as well.

#5 Feeling needed

It is true that men like independent women and not spoiled ones but this does not mean that they would want to let their girl do all the work in their relationship. In fact, they also want to feel needed and useful. If you isolate him from your problems and the rest of your life, then there is a chance he feel really left-out and does not feel the connection. That is why it is very important not only you to be the supportive one, but to let him support you as well.

#6 Good sex

Last, but surely not least, is the sex. Men in general are more sex-oriented than women. They are not big fans of cuddling, for example, but they really love sex. That is why sexual contact is very important in a man’s life. If the sex with you is great then this will help your relationship.

If, on the other hand, he does not find much satisfaction in sex, then he would hardly feel in love. Women are often ready for compromises in sex, but men are not. They depend on it too much to neglect it. That is why you should have in mind that sex is very important for men and that it plays a huge part in one’s love relationship.

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