What Kinds of Books You Should Read According to Your Zodiac Sign

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One of the best presents to give to a person one does not know is a book, especially if one knows that this person likes reading. However, it is a bit difficult to choose the best book for them if you do not know their preferences.

Today we have decided to help you with this task and to share with you some information about the best literary genre that suits one’s taste. If you want to check which are these types of books that one likes reading, then continue reading the article. Check them out!

Aries – Adventures

Aries people are considered to be quite wild and emotional. They cannot keep calm simply because they have a lot of emotions. They like books that are the same way as them – adventurous. They like it when their attention is completely taken. That is why adventure books are perfect for them.

Taurus – Classics

Taurus people like classic books so if you have to give them a book as a gift, do not hesitate to choose one of the classic novels. They would really appreciate it even if they have the same book at home.

And if you want to make the gift even more special, make sure you choose a book with hard covers and pretty pictures. The edition should be a special one, or a limited one, or the book should be really old. This way a Taurus person would fall in love with it.

Gemini – Romantic novels

Gemini people are not much into reading. Their head is often in the clouds and they like falling in love. And this does not necessarily mean falling in love with people. They like reading romantic novels as well as watching romantic movies. So, Gemini people definitely would appreciate a romantic novel as a gift.

Cancer – Poems

Cancer people are very romantic but not in a cheesy way. They do not consider red roses or candlelit dinners romantic, but their idea of romance is a different one. They are very emotional and have big hearts. They are probably the most kind-hearted people in the zodiac. They like reading poems. Most people say they do not understand poems, but Cancer people do. Their sensitive souls is capable of feeling the heart of the poems they are reading.

Leo – Fantasy

Leo people like reading novels that will help them escape reality. They simply love books like Harry Potter and Twilight. It is not only because of the genre of the books, but of the interesting plots as well. So, if you want to give them a book as a gift, make sure the plot is interesting and creative.

Virgo – Fairytales

Virgo women are very romantic, they often live in a world of their own. That is why fairytales are absolutely suitable for them. They like it when Good wins over Evil and believe in this. They are often old-fashioned and conservative. A story with adventures and a happy ending would appeal to them a lot.

Libra – Literary Fiction

Libra people are all about balance, surprisingly enough. They like it when they read books about normal human beings facing everyday kind of problems, but they sometimes like when a book has its fair share of fantasy as well. They simply like when a novel has it all. It is all about balance.

Scorpio – Horror

Scorpio people are very emotional even if they do not really show it. They like keeping their feelings hidden from the world. And that is often why they are considered insensitive and cold-hearted. However, this is not exactly the case.

When it comes to books, they like reading horror novels. They like it when they are under pressure and when there is something that could really set their pulse running and make their heart beat like crazy.

Sagittarius –Biographies

Sagittarius people like reading about facts and history. They like it when they read about secrets that no one else knows. That is often why they like reading biographies and history books. They like it when they know some secrets about famous people’s lives. One would not make a mistake if they give them such a book as s gift.

Capricorn – Sci-fi

Capricorn people like science fiction books. They like it when science and fantasy meet. This makes their mind work and their imagination starts working more. They like it when they can imagine reality for themselves and they often think that there is a conspiracy in everything. Yes, sci-fi books are certainly for them.

Aquarius – Mystery

Aquarius people are considered somewhat strange and living in their own reality. When it comes to books they like a lot of genres and one of their favorite one is books of mysteries. They like it when there is a crime or a mystery to solve and this really keeps their attention awake and their imagination working. Sometimes they can spend hours reading without doing anything else simply because the mystery they are reading about should be solved.

Pisces –Historical fiction

Pisces people are considered to be too sensitive. They are kind-hearted and cry a lot, but there is nothing wrong with it. After all feelings are that things that make us people. The books that Pisces people like reading are often historical fiction. Pisces do not like fantasies. They are down-to-earth and like reading books like Pride and Prejudice which are both about love and show the lives of people in the past. Secret and forbidden love is one of their favorite subjects as a whole.

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