What Kind of Clothes to Take with You on Your Vacation

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The summer season is perfect for going on vacation. And since a lot of people go only once a year on vacation, this means that the time spent there should be perfect, with no problems or things to ruin one’s vacation. And if you want to have great vacations, you need to do one thing – to organize it the best way possible.

Today we are going to give you some advices about organizing one particular thing for your vacation, which is really important – your clothes. Today we have prepared for you some tips about choosing the perfect set of clothes for your vacation. This way you will not have to worry about your styling on your vacation and will look great at the same time.

#1 Comfortable shoes

When people go on vacation, they tend to go sightseeing and, of course, they walk more than usual. That is why you definitely will need to take a pair of flat shoes with you and comfortable clothes as well. And this may mean that you should give your high heels a break and leave them home. Sure you want to look good while you are on a vacation, but the thing that is even more important than this is wearing comfortable clothes.

High heels are not exactly very comfortable. If you put them on some day, you may end up walking around for hours and as a result you will have swollen and painful feet. Besides, different kinds of shoes may take too much of your luggage space. If you still decide to take some fancy shoes with you, make sure they are compact and do not take that much space.

#2 Clothes you can fold easily

One of the things that you would hardly do when you are on vacation is to iron your clothes. And this means that you have to take clothes that you can fold easily without leaving wrinkles after that. As you know, packing your bags means that your clothes have to be folded. So, t-shirts and other tops that do not need ironing are perfect for travelling.

You can also take some skinny jeans with you. When you fold them nicely, you will not make wrinkles and when you put them on they need to fit you perfectly, so no need to worry about them. You need to be careful, though, with your choice of shirts, skirts, and dresses. The fabrics they are made of is often one which is not wrinkle-proof. Make sure you test your clothes before you take them with you on your vacation.

#3 Versatile combinations

As it was mentioned above, there is not that much room in one’s luggage for their whole wardrobe. This means that you need to be very careful when choosing your clothes. One way of having multiple options to choose from your luggage is to take clothes you could match easily.

For example, a pair of black pants could be matched with a lot of different kinds of tops and every time you put on a new top, the combination will look new. The same goes for jeans. They could be worn as more elegant item, or more casually. It only depends on the top. This way you could have about dozens combinations in one small suitcase.

#4 Avoid wearing too colorful combinations and too big accessories

Accessories are also important for the purpose. If you wrap a scarf around your neck, or if you wear some headpiece, then this could completely change your outfit and at the same time a scarf would not take too much room in your suitcase. And still you need to be very careful with accessories.

You should avoid wearing too big jewelries and too colorful clothes. The easiest way to dress for a vacation is wearing simple clothes in simple colors. This does not mean that you should dress in a plain manner. On the contrary, you could still look amazing but not in a blatant way.

This way you will help yourself as well because a lot of jewelries can take too much of the space in your luggage. And as you know space in your luggage is really precious. You may not even realize it until you start packing your things. So, you could simply begin by packing the most essential things first and then, if there is room, to add a couple of unnecessary but cute things.

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