What Every Vegetarian Needs to Eat

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Being a vegetarian isn’t as simple as it seems. People become vegetarians for different reasons. One of them is a medical one – their body just resists the meat. So they easily live without it. Another reason is that they just don’t want to eat something that was alive. And that is okay. Everyone has their own choice. And whatever someone decides to do in their life that is what they should do. And then there are other people, whose body can accept the meat, but they just don’t like the taste of it. Those people usually wear authentic leather and stuff like that. They just don’t eat the actual meat of the animal.

No matter what your reason is, you are a vegetarian. And that is amazing. I have been a vegetarian for almost 7 years now. And I can’t wait to hit the 7 year anniversary of my last meat meal. I am excited, because once you have gone 7 years without meat, your body and especially blood is totally clean of all the meat cells and stuff you have ever eaten. Isn’t that cool?

By being a vegetarian, I learned a lot of things about food. I have visited doctors to be sure all my blood levels were okay. I read a lot online. So I did learn a lot of things. And we vegetarians have to eat some special super-foods in order to stay healthy and give our organism all I need to live a happy and healthy life.

Here is what I learned we really do need to eat:

  • Quinoa

Maybe you have heard of quinoa. It is considered to be something like a ‘magical’ seed, and probably it is. Because it has a lot of good effect on you. And the fact that the world has gone crazy about it should talk enough about it.

In order to eat quinoa you need to add it to your meals. And that can easily happen once you learn how to cook it. It usually is boiled and then spiced. And that is enough. People eat it with fish or salads. Or just on its own. I prefer being with a salad.

The upsides to the quinoa are the zinc, iron and minerals, it holds for you. And since vegetarians lack iron, this is perfect for them!

  • Edamame

This is a Japanese food. And as you know Japanese people are smart and eat quite amazing things we never really eat or consider eatable at all. Edamame is one of those things you need to add to your meal plans and learn to cook and enjoy.

The edamame is actually soybeans, but before ripening. Amazing, right? And it tastes as delicious as soy on its own, when cooked right.

Actually the edamame is cooked very easily. You need to boil some water. Than add the edamame and leave it in there for 3-5 minutes. Take it out. And add salt. And it is good to go! It is not expensive and it can be a great appetizer or something to add to your main course.

  • Hummus

I have to be honest, not – this is my favorite thing in the world! Since I have found this Middle Eastern dip (that I actually often eat as a main meal) I have been obsessed with it. And once I found out it was perfect for vegetarians I was in love for life.

First of all the hummus has low-cholesterol levels. Which you need to have also! And then it has a lot of fiber in it, which any vegetarian should consider in their meal.

In the groceries you can find a ready-made hummus. But I would advise you to make it at home. It is not that though. It is made out of tahini, olive oil, lemon and garlic. And you need like 15 to 20 minutes to make it. So it isn’t that though, right?

  • Greek Yogurt

Many people consider the Greek yogurt to be something that is eaten when you are only on a diet. But guess what – it is not! And it is delicious, yet healthy. Can be combined with quite much stuff, so it is cool!

Greek yogurt has a creamy consistency and it is a perfect breakfast. If you don’t like it on its own add some fruit or a teaspoon of jam to it. This will give it the perfect taste.

The thing about the yogurt is that it gives you all the protein you actually need. But the regular yogurt has too many carbs. Where the Greek has more than 60% less. This is why you should go for it!

  • Tempeh

This one I haven’t heard until recently. I didn’t really know it was something I was supposed to eat as a vegetarian and also I didn’t consider trying it. Once I was told about it, I knew I had to try. And do you know what – it is amazingly delicious!

Tempeh actually is fermented tofu. Which makes it way healthier. It is an old thing people used to eat in Indonesia through time. So if they could and had long lives, why shouldn’t you?

Tofu is something that has a lot of protein in it. But once it has become a tempeh, it has way more. Actually around 4 times more. And you need that protein. Also, it can raise your B12 levels, which are usually too low with vegetarians.

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