What Different Zodiac Signs Say When They See Themselves in the Mirror

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? It is no secret that beauty and femininity go hand in hand. There are a lot of women who consider their looks extremely important and they count too much on their looks sometimes.

Today we decided to see which of the zodiac signs are the most conceded ones and which are the most modest ones. Does your zodiac sign say you have a high self-esteem, or that it is low? And would you agree with it? So, let’s see what different zodiac signs say when they see themselves in the mirror.

#1 Aries

Women Aries are at peace with their looks. They know that even if they do not have some features which are not considered the most beautiful in the world, they do not care too much about it. Their fiery personality is too strong to care about their looks that much. And besides, they have too many important things to do than spend hours in front of the mirror. They feel perfectly fine if they leave their house in the morning with no makeup at all.

#2 Taurus

Taurus women are not the most coquette women in the world, but they definitely have high self-esteem. They like admiring their beauty in the mirror and they definitely like what they see in the mirror. They often carry a small mirror in their bag and they regularly admire their beauty.

#3 Gemini

Gemini ladies are extremely coquette. They are simply in love with themselves and when they see themselves in the mirror, they do not stop making “pretty” faces and “duck” lips. They love putting makeup on and cannot go out without spending at least an hour in front of the mirror putting on makeup. Talking about high self-esteem.

#4 Cancer

Cancer ladies are too critical about everything in their lives. They are perfectionists and want only the best. That is why when women cancer watch themselves in the mirror, see something that they do not like. They would either say that they have gained weight, or that they have too many zits, or something else that is only in their heads.

#5 Leo

Women Leo do not spend a lot of time admiring themselves in the mirror. And this is because they know that they are great no matter what. That why when they see themselves in the mirror they are likely to say “I am great!” But who can blame them. Women Leo have the strongest personality of all and know their greatness and power.

#6 Virgo

Women Virgo have very clear idea of how they look. Their self-esteem is nor too high, nor too low. That is why they do not spend hours in front of the mirror. They are very organized and when they see themselves in the mirror, they immediately see the things they need to cover or show. And they do it immediately without taking them too much time to do it.

#7 Libra

Libra ladies are quite coquette. They like spending time watching themselves in the mirror. They are always fixing some invisible lock of hair that is not where is should be, or they reapply lipstick on even if there is no need to do it. But the thought that often pops in their mind when they see themselves in the mirror is “I am so pretty but I still need to lose some weight!”

#8 Scorpio

Scorpio ladies often seem to have high self-esteem. One would think that when they see themselves in the mirror, they would not stop admiring their beauty. However, this is not exactly the case. They often hide their feelings and are very sensitive but hardly show it. They are too critical and often see features they do not like about themselves.

#9 Sagittarius

Sagittarius women are extremely coquette. If they was a chance, they would never stop admiring themselves in the mirror. That is often why they put mirrors in every part of their homes. They simply like their looks a lot, sometimes a little bit too much. And it is no wonder why they often come across as bighead.

#10 Capricorn

Capricorn women do not have time for the mirror. They do not care a lot about the way they look because they know that looks is not what counts. If they accidentally end up in front of the mirror for too long, they would say to themselves: “Please, be serious and do not waist your time watching yourself do nothing!”

#11 Aquarius

Aquarius ladies want to be unique and that is what they say to themselves when watching themselves in the mirror. That is why when it comes to makeup and fashion, they do not like following the trends. They would either wear something unusual, like too colorful clothes, or statement bags in the shape of bears and unicorns, or they would apply makeup that is not one of the current trends.

#12 Pisces

Women Pisces often live in dreams and not in the real world. And that is usually what they do when they are watching themselves in the mirror. They know that they deserve a lot from like and one of these things is a prince on a white horse. So, women Pisces say when looking in the mirror is “I am a princess!”

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