Ways to Find out If Your Boyfriend is Lying to You

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Nowadays it is very hard to find a decent man. There are a lot of men who cheat on their girlfriends and wives and find this normal. Of course, every person has their point of view and even some women do not mind if their partner is cheating on them, but I personally disagree with this. Why would a person want to be in a relationship if they are not open and honest with their partner?

That is why today we have decided to share with you some signs that will help you notice when a person is lying to you, even if this person is not your partner. Of course, some of them are a bit hard to notice, but if you are aware of them and know what to be searching for, they will be quite helpful. So, check them out!

#1 “Pinocchio” Method

We refer to the first method in such a way because one can tell if a person is lying by looking at their nose. And this is just what the famous fictional character Pinocchio is famous for – when he lies, his nose became longer. So, the more he lied, the longer his nose became.

Since, of course, a person’s nose cannot grow in size because of a lie, here are the signs you need to be careful about when you suspect someone of lying.

A person’s nose becomes warmer when they are lying. This has been actually proven by a group of scientists. One’s nose is the coldest part of their body, but when a person is lying, the temperature of their nose rises.

This way if you suspect your boyfriend of telling lies, you may kiss him on the nose to see if it is warmer than usual. Hopefully, the guy will not find it strange when you kiss him on this part of his body. And if you do not want him to suspect you, you could accidentally touch his nose while you kiss him on the cheek.

#2 “A lie has no legs” Method

The next way you can find out if your partner is lying to you is named after the famous English saying “A lie has no legs”. And now you will see why proverbs and sayings are inspired by real life situations. When a person is not honest, or when they are lying, they “wrap” one of their legs around the other.

Or if one is sitting on a chair, have a look at their legs. If they are wrapping them around the legs of the chair, then this means they have something to hide and are not totally open with you. And this way their legs will reveal the truth.

#3 “The Pause” method

The next way you could find out if a person is lying to you, or cheating on you in particular, is simply to be straightforward and to ask them a simple question, like “Are you cheating on me?”, “Where did you go last night?” If takes time for this person to answer the question, then the pause will show you something is wrong.

However, there is also another possible reaction. If this person answer the question immediately, without you even finishing saying it, then it is more or less clear that this person has already prepared the answer in advance, which will obviously be a made-up one.

#4 “The Shoulder” method

The next way you can find out is a person is lying to you is to watch if he is shrugging his shoulders while he is telling you something. If this person moves his shoulders, even one of them, then he is likely to be lying. This is because “the lair’s body” does not believe the things he is saying and that is why it shrugs its shoulders. As you know, when a person is not completely sure about something, they shrug their shoulders. Clever, right?

#5 “Face-Hand” method

Last, but not least, is the “face-hand” method which will help you find out is a person is lying to you. You need to study this person’s face when he is talking to you and telling you something that you are not sure whether it is a lie or not.

If a person touches frequently their face when telling a story, like rubbing their beard, touching their temples, covering their mouth even, this is one of the signs that their body is revealing the truth. They involuntarily try to hide their facial mimics and even their voice behind their hands. These movements are a sing of nervousness in general, so have this in mind.


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