Useful Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

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Some people are often used to doing things in the same way they were shown in the first place when they were kids, that they did not even thought about there could be another more useful and easier way things could be done. But once you are shown that life at home could be much tidier, you will start wondering how you have been living without knowing it. So, here are some of the most useful life hacks every girl should know if she wants to make her life easier.

#1 Make special places for your hair styling tools
Every girl has probably a million hair styling tools, like a hairdryer, flat iron, curler, and probably many other. Where do you keep them? In a drawer? Or over your toilet table with a lot of long cables getting in your way? You have to admit it that if you find a special place for these babies, your life will become easier. So, our suggestion is to have your own hair tool organizer that would be right next to your toilet table or in your bathroom. So, why do not make your hair tools hanging on your wall? This way you will save some space and it would be a lot easier for you when you want to use a specific hair tool.


#2 No place for your hair and body problems in your bathroom? Problem solved!
If we have to be honest, probably a lot of us want to have a big bathroom, which they could turn into their own spa center, but reality is often different from our expectations, and we have to take shower in small bathrooms. There is often little space for our beauty products. They are cramped one over the other and we often push some of the products down when we are trying to reach another product. Here is our solution, just hang some of your toiletries on hooks on your bathroom curtain rod. This is how they will be in your reach, and will not take a lot of space. Cool right?


#3 How to get rid of unpleasant smell without having to wash your clothes?
Many people do not wash their jeans after every time they wear them, because washing thins out the fabric, and there is a big chance that the jeans tear down. However, by wearing them often without washing, they absorb some unpleasant smells. Now you can get rid of the smell without having to wash your jeans. Just put them in a plastic bag, and make sure that there are no loops through which the air may come in, and then put them in the fridge for a night. In the morning, get the jeans out of the fridge, all the bacteria that cause the bad smell will be gone, and your jeans would smell nice.

#4 Hangers are your friends
A lot of people think that only coats are put on hangers, but if you want your clothes and accessories to be better organized, you will need a hanger. For example, instead of keeping your tights in some of your drawers, why do not put them on a hanger so that they are better organized, they can be within your reach, and you will not forget that you have a lot of different kinds of tights to wear.

You can also use a hanger to put all of your scarfs there (or if they are too many scarfs, you may need two hangers). This way they will be also well organized and it would be easier for you to find a scarf that will match your outfits. Or if you have too many belts, you can also hang them, or get a special hanger with a lot of hooks where to put your belts. Easy and comfortable!


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