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New season and we need a change in our wardrobes. Of course we can’t buy a whole new autumn wardrobe and don’t use anything from the previous autumn. Well, some people might be able to do that, but it is not a common thing.

Every autumn that I take out all my autumn clothes and re-organize it is an interesting experience. First of all I find stuff I have totally forgotten about. Then I find things I love and can’t wait to wear as soon as possible. And then there are the things that are just ‘okay’ or that I am kind of bored with and don’t know what to do with.

I usually start out by making a list a bout all of the things I need to buy. And by need I literally mean need, not things I want. Then I make the ‘I want’ list. The second one is always way too long and only a few things from it get bought during the season. After all of that if I have something that needs to be tailored or altered by a tailor I deal with it. I have a lady that does the tailoring for me. She is awesome, because she does the best job ever and also she gives me advise on how to maintain my clothes.

Then there is always that pile I don’t know what to do with. I leave them somewhere so that I can see them and think what I want to do with them. I try to find new way to wear them. Which is kind of though. I have those nights when I try out numerous combinations on and at some point I am crazy with it all. Sometimes a scarf, a necklace or just a different lipstick do the trick. Other times though it is though to work it out. At this point I usually just leave them at that and give up.

It turns out that giving up on making your clothes work is stupid, because it is kind of a waste of your clothes. And if something fits, but the problems is that you are bored with it or something is not working, usually there are a few things you can do about it. First of all many clothes can be re-dyed, so that they become a color you love. Or you can do some ombre effect or some bleach technique in order to switch your game. An old T-shirt can be easily changed with a sticker too, that is applied with an iron. A piece of clothing where there is an oily spot, which can’t be washed out, also can be fixed with a dying technique or an applique.

There is one other thing that can be done with clothes that you don’t wear because you are totally bored of them. It is by a sewing technique. Because let’s face it there are thousands of sewing techniques that can be used on clothes. You can do them at home and don’t need a sewing machine. Also there are many colors of threads that can be used and even a mixture. This gives you the opportunity to change everything that you own and need to be different or just want to.

Before you do anything else you can browse the internet and especially Pinterest for inspiration. It will give you ideas on where to sew, learn how to do it and even give you the exact idea how to change your clothes. Other than that you can read along about my favorite sewing technique called the french knot. It is something simple and everyone can learn do it. It can be done in many colors and many combinations can be thought of.

When you do the french knot you make small knots with a needle and thread. They are not made the same way that the normal knots are, but are easy. And look gorgeous on clothes. To do them you need to put your thread in your needle. Then you run the needle through the piece of clothing and swipe it three times around the needle. Then run it through the clothing once again. And there is your knot. Do the knots as many times as you want them on your clothes.

As you can see I have chosen to change a simple black thank top, but I have done the same thing to black dresses and even on the bottom of pants. Which to be honest is very cute. Also my favorite way to it is to start with the darkest color and then go to the lighter ones. Or totally the other way around. The knot look can be made even in the same color as the piece of clothing which makes it more interesting, because you have to look, to see what it is, but you that the shirt or whatever is special and cool.

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