Universal Contouring Technique

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We all know who is Kim Kardashian. And we all know that the contouring trend came from her. The contouring technique existed long before that. In fact, the one who invented the contouring was a makeup artist in Hollywood – Kevyn Aucoin. This happened 16 years ago, which means that Kim Kardashian is nothing but a fan of his work.

Kevyn Aucoin had put the base of the contouring, but the present makeup artists have turned the contouring technique into a whole new level of makeup application. The makeup is not limited only to the face, you can apply makeup all over your body in order to enhance your best, and to hide your worst. For instance, J Lo has shimmer on the bones of her legs below the knees. This trick makes her legs look thinner and longer. Clever, huh?

So if J Lo can trick us with makeup, why can’t we trick other people the same way. Today I will show you a trick that will fulfill a dream that many girls have – the bigger boobs. Let me show you how to create an illusion for bigger breasts with the contouring technique. Take a look at the steps:

  • You will need dark foundation, a contouring brush, a blending brush and a sponge. Draw two large curved lines, following the shape of the breasts. Draw the inner curves of the breasts. And of course, you have to wear a blouse or dress with wide-open neck line.

  • Then, blend in the lines with the blending brush and the sponge.

  • If needed reapply the steps to create darker shadow.

  • And finally, in order to protect the lines from smudging and revealing the deception, spritz the area with a setting makeup spray. Don’t forget to cover the clothes during the application of the setting spray, especially if they are black, like the shirt in the picture down below.

  • All done!

universal contouring technique

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