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Not only that I’ll write down the different types of faux eyelashes, but I will also show you how they look when placed on the eye. The model is the same, so you will be able to see the difference and the effect that every type of fake eyelash creates on the eye. This way you will be able to decide exactly which one of the eyelashes will match your eye the best. Another factor that will contribute to the best flattering effect of the fake eyelashes is to choose the right event for the right eyelashes. And the last factor that you must take in mind is the size and the shape of your eyes. Simply because we are different human beings, we have differences in our physical features as well. So, before buying a pair of fake eyelashes, read this article, because I will guide you exactly what kind of eyelashes to put on your face in order to create a whole, beautiful look of the combination between the eyelashes, the makeup and the event. Here we go:

  • The first faux eyelash is called Giselle. It is thick and it has longer hairs that stick out of the main length. This type of faux eyelashes is perfect for thick cat-eye liner.

  • Let me present you the Monique. It is perfect for cat-eye liner too, because its hairs are longer at the outer half of the lash line. You can pair them with a V-shaped makeup too.

  • This is Coco Jo, and I think it is perfect for casual use, because the hairs are as long as the other ones and when applied properly on the lash line, they look extremely natural.

  • The next one is the Candy lash. It has long sheaf of hairs. You have to use this type for intense lid makeup.

  • How about Claudia? Long hairs, perfect for smoky makeup design.

  • And finally – Samantha. This one is perfect for the club, because they add volume and length to the lashes – the perfect look for flirting behavior.


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