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Why is it so important have shaped and colored brow? 

First of all, you are not obligated to shape your brows if you don’t see a reason or beauty in this application of color. Also, you shouldn’t do it if there is no need to the fill in empty spaces. 

If you have natural bushy and bold brows, that’s time to take advantage of this, enough with the painful plucking in order to make your brows thinner and smaller. We are living now in a world were the bushy brows are up-to-date. 

But the problem comes when your brows are blonde, thin, pale and short. If you don’t use foundation, powder, concealer or any other covering product, then you don’t have a problem. But I doubt that you don’t apply even a BB cream on your skin. That’s why you should take care of the brows too. After your face is covered in foundation, the brows will look even smaller and transparent, because for sure some of the color was put on the brows or at least at the edges of the brows, which leads to pictures where you will look like you don’t have any brows on your face. 

Down below you will find a step by step tutorial, which will guide you while you learn how to shape the brows and how to fill them with color. Just follow the steps:

  • Step 1: Choose a proper shape of eyebrows that will suit and flatter your face. 
  • Step 2: Line that shape – top and bottom edges.
  • Step 3: Fill in the brows with the proper color (consider the color according to your hair color). Use a flat brush or a brow brush.
  • Then use an angled flat brush to smudge a little bit the edges.
  • The final step requires a little bit concealer. Use again an angled flat brush and highlight the area under the brow. Blend in nicely.


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