Trendy Design for Your Hair

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We love beauty trends, right? I’m sure that the answer is positive, that’s why I decided to show you a great tutorial for a trendy hairstyle. This is a top pony. This hairstyle became very popular because of Ariana Grande, who looks so good with it that she can’t break up with this hairstyle. So, let me show you how to create it all by yourself. Here we go:

  • There are a few prep-steps at the beginning – check the condition of the hair and fix it if needed. The hair must be absolutely clean and fluffy, especially if the scalp of your head tends to produce excessive oils, which create dirty-looking hair. There is no remedy for this problem, unless you try the no-washing trick. There is a girl who hadn’t washed her hair for six months and all of a sudden the skin of the scalp stopped producing so much oils that create the greasy-looking roots. Usually, every scalp produces oils, because they nourish the hair and make it look soft and shiny. That’s why you must comb your hair – to spread the oils through the whole length of the hair. So, if your roots are greasy, you should fix them with some dry shampoo. It works like a charm. e

  • Once the hair is prepared, you should start creating the design. First, create a soft volume at the top with large barrel curling iron.

  • Then, tie only the bangs and top area of the hair into a high ponytail. Wrap the hair band with a strand of hair from the tail. Secure it with bobby pin.

  • Tease the tail.

  • Clip the tail to the front with bobby pin to create the voluminous effect.

  • Then tease the roots of the hair at the sides of the tail.

  • Frizz everything with hair spray.

  • Done!

trendy design for your hair

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