Travel Guide to Hawaii – Essential Things You Need to Know

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Some people cannot wait for the winter to go and the weather to become warmer so they can head to the beach and get some nice suntan. But why should one wait for this to happen since nowadays traveling around the globe has become much more affordable.

A person can reach the other part of the world within a number of hours, thus the continent and the climate will also be changed. So why to wait for the summer to come instead of going to the summer?

Traveling in the winter is a nice way to escape the cold weather and to get some suntan. Besides, there will be few tourists traveling around as well, so the journey will be quite more pleasant.

Today we have prepared a travel guide for a place which is one of the ultimate ones when it comes to good weather and breathtaking beaches – Hawaii. Here is a list of necessary things to know before arriving at the country.

#1 Interesting facts

One of the reasons I love traveling is because it is an easy and very pleasant way to broaden one’s knowledge of a country, or a particular place around the world. If you visit Hawaii, you are very likely to learn plenty of things you did not know about it so far. One of the things you need to start with is the geographical place, the local language, and some history.

Hawaii is a state of the USA. It is a chain of Polynesian islands located in the Pacific Ocean. The name “Hawaii” comes from the local language, as well as the names of each one of the islands, and it means “homeland”. In the 1959 Hawaii becomes a state in the USA.

#2 Symbols

It is well-known for its beautiful and exotic nature. The three top symbols of the place are surfing, pineapples, and volcanos. Hawaii is a dream place not only for having suntan, but also for heading to the ocean to ride the waves since they are very big and perfect for surfing.

The other symbol, the volcanos, is a part of the local scenery as there are a lot of dormant volcanoes on the island. There is also a National Park in on Hawaii Island where you can go to learn some more about the volcanoes and to actually see an active such.

Even though it is believed that pineapples’ birthplace is not Hawaii, but Brazil and Paraguay, the fruit is a symbol of the state because of it is largely produced in the area.

There are a lot of pineapple plantations on land. The fruits are then exported to other countries all over the world. Hawaiians so much appreciate the fruit that the famous pizza “Hawaii” includes some pineapple pieces.

#3 Best weather

Even if Hawaii is considered a piece of paradise here on earth, there are still some climatic facts that you need to take into consideration before you go if you do not want to get unpleasantly surprised by the weather there. There are three main types of weather in Hawaii – extremely hot, warm and rainy.

The rainy season is from November to March, which means that currently it is not the best time to visit the place. However, this does not mean that there are constant rains. In fact, the weather at the beginning of February is going to be about 26 degrees with no rains which makes it quite a suitable weather for a quick getaway from the cold.

The best time to visit Hawaii is from April till the beginning of June and September and October since these months are not the hottest. The weather is perfect for getting suntan and having great time at the beach without sweating like crazy. And the 3 months you should definitely skip are June, July and August because the weather there is boiling hot at that time of the year which will surely have an effect on your vacation.

#4 Manners

As every other place on earth, Hawaiian culture has its specific traditions and customs. Whenever a foreigner visits the place, they need to be careful not to insult the locals by being disrespectful to their culture and country.

There are also some manners typical for Hawaii which the tourists should follow. If you are invited to somebody’s home, always make sure to take off your shoes before you come in. This is typical for the Hawaiian culture as well as for many others around the world.

Another thing you should know is that you should not bring any flowers or animals to the state, especially such which are not local because they may kill some of the local environment. It is even forbidden to import such ones before going through some inspection.

#5 Driving

When it comes to driving in Hawaii, you need to be aware of a few things. If there is a local person driving behind you, you should always let them pass you since they know the land very well and can also help you find your way serving as a guide.

You also should not honk the horn of your car when you are stuck in traffic, unlike some other American states. You can only do this if there is some kind of emergency. As a whole you need to be very respectful of the other

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