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It has been somewhat accepted that vacations, especially summer ones, should be romantic ones for couple, or family ones. And what about all the single people who want to go somewhere with their friends? Should they just stick to places, like Ibiza with ongoing parties all night long? Of course not. There are a lot of non-romantic places one can visit around the world in the summer.

Today we have decided to pay special attention to all the single people and to offer some vacation ideas for them and their friends where they could have a relaxing and at the same time not-boring vacation. Here are a few suggestions for a great summer vacation with your friends.

#1 Virgin Islands, USA

Virgin Islands are a world-known destination which means that at this time of the year people not only from the USA, but from all over the world visit them. If you go there with your friends, you will have the opportunity to meet some new people, have fun together and enjoy all the outdoor activities the place has to offer starting with diving and going to the beach.

You can also hire a boat and have a tour around the islands. Basically, the time spend there could be a great deal of fun including all kinds of beach activities you can think of. And when you get tired, you can always lie on the sand drinking refreshing cocktail and enjoying each one’s company.

#2 Athens, Greece

Another famous summer destination around the world is Greece. The country has to offer some of the best beaches in Europe which means that it is a great destination for those of you who want to spend some time at the beach and at the same time visit some historical sites. You can have a tour around Greece with your friends starting with Athens, the capital of Greece.

You definitely should visit the ancient part of the city with one of its most famous landmarks The Acropolis. It dates back till ancient times. You should also visit the temple of the Olympic god Zeus and the Colosseum, yes, there is one in Greece as well. And when you get tired of all the ancient history, you can head for the beach. There are a lot of amazing beaches in Greece.

#3 Mexico

Mexico is one of the destinations which is not considered to be a romantic one and this makes it a perfect travel destination for a group of friends. The country has to offer a lot of adventures, and sometimes even too many adventures that is why you need to be careful if you decide to go there.

You can start your tour with the capital Mexico City and then visit some of its great resorts and beaches, like Acapulco, Playa del Carmen, and Puerto Vallarta. You can try some of the local cuisine, sleep in tents on the beaches, or stay with the locals to learn more about their culture. It will definitely be a great experience that you and your friends will share.

#4 Las Vegas, USA

Another destination that is surely not included in the list of the romantic ones, but rather in the one with the wild adventures with friends is Las Vegas. It is also known as the Sin City since you can do crazy things there, even getting married. The city is actually a great travel destination for single people. After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

There are things people should do at least once in their lives and visiting Las Vegas in surely in the list. Of course, it is not necessary to act outlandish when you go there. You can gamble a little, then go to a bar and have a couple of drinks. But still the very experience with your friends will make the whole vacation unforgettable. That is why do not hesitate to include it in your to-go travel list with friends.

#5 Puerto Rico, Caribbean

There are a lot of reasons to visit Puerto Rico this summer with your friends. First of all, the country is simply breathtaking with its Caribbean climate and nature. There are some amazing beaches, like Flamenco beach and Icacos Island beach.

You can go snorkel diving in the crystal clear waters, or you can have some fun with your friends and other people on a boat cruise, like San Juan snorkel and picnic cruise on a boat.

There are also a lot of monuments and historical sites to visit for those interested in the history of the region. And let’s just not mention the forest tours where one can meet eye to eye with Puerto Rican nature.

Last, but surely not least, Puerto Rico is the place to visit if you are a fan of the famous song “Despacito”. The video to the song was filmed in one of the neighborhoods there, La Perla. This has made the destination even more popular over the last couple of months.

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