Top Things Women Should Not Do for Men

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In the past relationships between men and women seemed much less complicated than they are now, or at least some of us think so. Men picked up women, surprised them, did different things for them, and so on.

It is not uncommon to see such things nowadays as well, but it is true that things have changed a lot in the relationships between men and women.

Women nowadays put a lot of efforts in their love relationships. And sometimes too much. They are so worried about protecting their relationship that they become overprotective and over-caring even.

This, unfortunately, may lead to some problems in their relationship. And that is why we decided to list for you some of the top things women should not do for men and you are going to see why.

#1 Buy them expensive gifts all the time

Even if we all know that relationships between men and women have changed and that men are no longer princes on white horses who want to save and protect a damsel in distress, men still like being the more powerful figure in their relationships. They do not want their partner to earn more money than them even if they do not admit it.

That is why women should not buy them gifts frequently. This may have a reverse effect and even if women think that they are doing something good to show their love, their partner may get angry and annoyed by such expressions of love.

#2 Let men abuse them

A woman should never, evet let a man abuse her and even if we think that there are few women left who would allow such a thing, statistics knows better. There are still a lot of women who think that their partners will change and will not abuse them anymore. They think that they love them and they are ready to overcome this problem together, but this is rarely the case.

Every woman should know that if a man abuses her, no matter whether physically or verbally, she should leave him. No woman deserves such attitude and that is why it is better to dump him rather than try to fix him. Unfortunately, such men never change.

#3 Tellingthem “I told you so”

Men hate it when they are wrong, as well as women. It is probably part of the human nature. However, women seem to brag about them being right and their partner being wrong in the given situation. And you can be sure that this could drive a man crazy.

If I have to be honest, probably every woman has said this phrase, or some similar one, after winning an argument with her partner. But what we need to remember is that men are sensitive about such subjects. They could often act like kids and could start sulking in the corner if they hear this.

So, it is better to avoid such kind of reactions even if you really want to start nagging about it.

#4 Stop having individuality

When women find a boyfriend, get married, or simply fall in love, they are likely to spend most of their time with their partner. Some women even do not have a life which is separate from their partner’s one. Couples tend to go out together, have the same friends, have the same hobbies, and so on. In other words, they act as if they are glued together.

A woman should not allow this. She is after all a separate individual and she should not let her love life control the rest of her life. Women are strong individuals who should have career, friends, hobbies, and do other things on their own, or at least not only with their partner because this way their individuality fades away.

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