Top Fall Makeup Trends for 2017

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Every season there are different beauty trends which women are obsessed about. Some of them are inspiration from the last season and other are new which will last longer than the current one. And since the trends are a few ones, one can choose which ones of them to try and which ones will match their personal style and preferences.

And today we are going to show you which some of the current makeup trends are so you can try the best ones for you. Here they are!

#1 Rosy cheeks

The first of the trends in the list is inspired by the cold weather in the fall. When one goes out when the weather is windy and cold, one’s cheeks can turn easily red. And if there is no wind just apply some blush on the apple of your cheeks to make them beautifully pink. Which means that blushes in red hues are the top types of blushes popular this season. The important thing is that you keep the blush natural and not extreme.

#2 Feathery eyelashes

The next trend is about the eyes and more specifically about the lashes. Lashes are often the center of attention of different types of makeup. As you have probably heard, face makeup is not complete if there is no mascara on the lashes. This season long and voluminous lashes are a top trend. You can wear falsies to create this effect. This way even if you do not have any color on your lips, the eyes will draw attention and your face makeup will be strong enough to handle the lack of lip color.

#3 Interrupted eyeliner

Another type of eye makeup that will be quite popular this season is interrupted eyeliner. Eyeliners in general are a popular makeup trend and have been in fashion for a long time, and they are very likely to stay in fashion even longer since this makeup effect makes one’s eyes look very attractive.

This season there is a little twist about eyeliners. The trend that is already in fashion is an interrupted eyeliner. If you apply eyeliner, stop halfway through and then continue leaving an unfilled gap of a centimeter or so.

If you find this type of eyeliner too unusual for your taste, you could do another thing instead. Just start applying eyeliner from the center of the eyelids leaving the inner part of your eye infilled. It is a different interpretation of the same trend and it works great as well.

#4 Blue or purple eyeshadow

When it comes to eyeshadow trends this season, you should not be afraid to choose strong and bold colors. Fall and winter are the cold seasons of the year when women can wear dark makeup but this does not mean that they should stick only to earth colors, like brown.

This season blue and purple eyeshadow colors are some of the top eyeshadow trends. Purple in general is a very popular color this season since purple lipsticks are going to be another top trend. You should not be afraid to wear such kinds of colors this season even if you do not consider them your style.

After all experimenting every now and then can be good for your personal style. You can find out that some of the types of makeup that you have avoided all the time actually match your face and suit you perfectly.

#5 Metallic eyes

The next trend this year is considered to be a typical one that matches the weather perfectly. It is metallic eyeshadow colors. There are different metallic colors but as a whole the colors are dark and shiny at the same time. They are perfect for people’s favorite smoky eye and are great for a night out in the club.

However, this does not mean that one cannot wear them on a daily basis. One just needs to choose light metallic shades, like copper or beige. Such ones can be perfect for a daily makeup.

#6 Brown lips are back

If you wore lipstick in the 90s, or if you have looked at celebrities’ pictures from this decade, then you probably remember that brown lips were extremely popular at that time. And women wore not only brown lipsticks but also brown lip liners which they used to over-line their lips.

This season brown lips are back but the good news is that too dark and over-lined lips will not be in fashion. You can try some hazel, caramel, or peanut hues, for example, but you should not forget to take your skin complexion into consideration. Brown lipstick hues match any kind of skin complexion, one just needs to find the best type of hue for them.

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