Top Destinations in the World Where Wishes Come True

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There are a lot of people who believe in magic because they want to escape from the ordinary life they are leading. That is why they read a lot of science fiction books, watch such kinds of movies, or simply visit places that are more or less magical.

People need magic in their lives, or at least something to believe in. People need faith. And that is why they toss coins in fountains and make wishes which they hope to come true.

If you are one of these travelers who want to visit magical places that supposedly make wishes come true, then check out some of these most popular destinations. You may have the chance to visit them and you need to make sure that you do not forget to make a wish.

#1 Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

This is one of the places that is most sacred to Jews and it is a symbol of their faith. Thousands of people go there every year and write their wishes on a piece of paper. Then they put it between the stones. If you go there you will see the millions of papers, or a part of them, that are between the rocks full of hope and wishes for health, wealthy, love, or simply a better living.

#2 Trevi Fountain, Rome

This is probably the most famous fountain in the world and it is the biggest one in Rome. It is thought that if you toss a coin in the fountain standing with your back to it, you will return to Rome. And not only this, but if you toss two coins in the fountain, you are supposed to fall in love with an Italian, and if you toss a third coin, then you will get married, probably to this Italian you have fallen in love with. There are similar legends about other fountains as well, but Trevi Fountain is the most popular one.

#3 The Prime Meridian, London

If the fountain Trevi makes wishes come true in Rome, the Prime Meridian makes wishes come true in London, UK. This time you should not toss a coin, or write your wish on a piece of paper, but simply stand on the meridian and wish for something. According to other people, one need to stand between the Greenwich with one leg to the east of it and one leg to the west of it so that their wish could come true. Well, you could simply try it both ways to be on the safe side.

#4 House of Virgin Mary, Ephesus

The Wailing Wall is a sacred place to Jews, the House of the Virgin Mary in Ephesus, Turkey, is a sacred place to Christians. This is an interesting fact since Turkish people are not Christians. There are still many Christians who go on a pilgrimage to the house of Virgin Mary. There is a source the water that comes of which is considered to have healing powers. And not only this but people say that when you get in the house and make a wish, it is surely going to be fulfilled.

#5 Metro “Revolution Square”, Moscow

If you are still a student and you want to pass your exams with flying colors, then there is a place where you can go to make your wish come true. This is the metro station in Moscow which is called “Revolution Square”. This place is special because there is a statue of a dog which is supposed to bring you luck on your exams if you rub its nose. But this is not all that the statues in the Moscow metro station have to offer.

This is not the only statue in the metro station. There are also others and one of them is thought to heal a broken heart. So, if one is going through some rough patch in their relationship or is lovesick, then they should touch the leg of the statue of a reading student in the metro. This is thought to bring them happiness in their love life.

#6 Casa Di Giulietta in Verona

Who has not heard of the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliette written by Shakespeare? The story is set in the Italian city Verona and it is no wonder that is one of the places tourists visit the most when they go to Italy. Casa Di Giulietta is actually Juliette’s house.

There people who want to find true love or deal with a love problem write their story on a piece of paper and put it between the rocks of one of the walls with the hope that their problem would be dealt with and they will be able to find a solution for it.

And this is not all that Casa Di Giulietta has to offer. There is also a statue of Juliette in the yard and it is thought that is one touches the statue’s right breast this would bring them good luck.

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