Top 6 Things Men Always Notice about Women

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A lot of women complain about their partners. They say that they do not notice when they have lost some weight, when they have a new dress or when they a new haircut. Men simply do not think about some things the way women do and they simply do not notice them.

However, men still notice some things about women and they are often accused of not noticing them. Here are the top 6 things they always notice about women. And once you find them out you will think twice before blaming your partner that he does not notice anything about you.

#1 New haircut

As we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of women who accuse men wrongly that they do not notice their new haircut. In fact, men notice when there is a certain change with a woman’s hair. You have probably heard that about 90% of men like women with long hair.

Just imagine what your partner’s reaction would be when he sees you with short hair after having long hair for a long time. He will definitely notice. And if you think that men in general do not notice any slight changes, you are again wrong. They notice them. It is just like they do not realize at first what the change is exactly, but the second or the third time, he will notice it. So, give your partner a chance.

#2 No bra

This will hardly be a surprise when we talk about men. This is one of the first things, if not exactly the first thing, they notice about a woman. They are like radars for women with no bras. They can see a woman with no bra on as far as their eyes can see. So, you need to have this in mind both when you are wearing a cropped top and a woolen pullover. You can be sure that a man would see a woman’s breasts showing through it. So, have this in mind when you decide to wear no bra.

#3 New lingerie

Men do not only notice the lack of underwear, they also notice when a woman has bought a new pair of underwear. Even though some men claim that they do not care much of a woman’s lingerie, because they only want to take it off, for example, they really notice it.

If the lingerie is sexy, it will definitely make a good impression on them. Men do not only have a good photographic memory about lingerie, they also notice the new touch about a lingerie. And if it is new, you can be sure that they will notice it no matter whether they admit it or not.

#4 New fragrance

This comes probably as no surprise since all people are very sensitive towards fragrances. You have probably noticed that when you sense a certain fragrance, it reminds you of something – being at work, meeting certain person, feeling happy, and others. Men are also used to their partner’s smell.

If you change your fragrance, for example, without telling him, he will definitely sense that there is something not quite right about it. And it is not only about a perfume, it could also be about the smell of your body lotion or your face cream. You can be sure that your partner will sense any change. And there will be fragrances that will remind him of you.

#5 Touches

You may complain that your partner does not remember the color of your dress, or any of your clothes for that matter, but you can be sure that a man would always remember when a woman touches him. And he will remember every touch, even the minor accidental ones.

Men are very sensitive about female touches. If you want to leave an impression on a man, then you need to touch him. Of course, you should not do it all the time and try to do it naturally, but still this is a very powerful weapon you have. And if you use it, make sure to use it wisely.

#6 Affectations

You can be sure that you could hardly trick a man if you pretend something. If you, for example, pretend that you have fallen asleep on his shoulder, or if you are pretending that you are not mad at him, or do not care about his coming home late, you can be sure that you will not trick him.

Men are good at recognizing when a woman is pretending, so if you you want to fool a man like that you will hardly succeed. And if your partner allows you to trick him in this way, you can be sure that he is just good with you and has spoilt you a little. In a good way, of course.

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