Top 5 Reasons Women Break up with Their Partner Even if They Still Love Them

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It is universally acknowledged that women are fragile creatures. They are the gentle partner in their relationships and they are the ones that are eager to make compromises in order to be with their partner and have a healthy relationship.

However, everything has its limits and women are just not able to take it all. And once a woman sets her mind on something, there is just no turning back. So, if a woman decides to leave her partner, she will do it no matter what. And it turns out that women are not so fragile after all. Here are top reasons why women break up with men even if they still love them.

#1 Her partner stops talking to her

Women need a person to talk to. There are a lot of men who do not want to be with women that talk too much because they consider it as some kind of pressure on them. And once the male partner stops talking, it is a sign to women that something is wrong with their relationship.

If a woman senses that her partner does not listen to her, she feels that she is not appreciated enough and even taken for granted. This is surely one of the first signs of having a relationship that is not going well and thus one of the signs showing that a woman will break up with her partner.

#2 Her partner starts comparing her to other women

Ever since I was a child, I was annoyed by constant comments about other kids doing better than me at school. It does not matter how hard or not you try, it is always annoying when your efforts are compared to other people’s better results.

The same is with love relationships. When a man starts comparing his partner to other more beautiful women, it is a sign that the woman would get angry. “Look at her! Look how slim she is, how long her legs are!” These and other kinds of comments are extremely annoying to women.

They want to be appreciated for who they are no matter whether or not they have the perfect looks. If this is not the case, they would simply leave their partner even if they love them a lot.

#3 Her partner does not give her enough space

Women need to be loved and appreciated, but this does not mean that she wants her partner to be stuck to her and not let her even breathe without him. She needs to spend time alone, with her mother, and her friends without constantly feeling guilty about neglecting their partner.

There are some men who want to be able to go out with friends and do whatever they want while their girlfriends or wives should wait for them at home. And there is just no way this could work out. This is not a healthy relationship. Both sides should make compromises and if this does not happen, it is just going to fail.

#4 Her partner tries to change her

No, no, no! This is simply not an option if you want to be with a person. Do not ever try to change them. You have fallen in love with them, with who they are in reality. And if you want to change them, this would be kind of insult to them. So, when a man wants to change a woman, it is not because he loves her.

It is rather the fact that he loves himself more and he is probably too concerned about what people have to say about his relationship and not if he is going to hurt his partner. If a man wants to be with a woman, he needs to appreciate her for the person she really is and not some imaginary ideal they have.

#5 Sex becomes obligation

Being with the same partner for 20, 30, or 40 years will eventually lead to some change in their intimate life. Spouses begin to feel about sex like some kind of obligation. They take it as an obligation they have to do every day after dinner. And once they are done with this, they fall asleep back-to-back.

This is definitely not romantic and there are a lot of women who simply cannot live like this. Women are emotional human beings and they want to be appreciated and loved. They want to receive the same kind of affections they give. So, if this continues to happen, they are quite likely to get sick of this and to simply leave their partner.

So, if a man wants his partner not to break up with him, he needs to learn to appreciate her and not take everything in their relationship for granted.

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