This is Why You Should Never Use Ear Swabs Again

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Do you use ear swabs? A lot of people do, but nowadays it has become more popular not to clean your ears with cotton swabs, or to use any other technique to do it. There are some commercials, which recommend another way of cleaning one’s ear wax. Some of them are like a special spray which you apply in your ear and the ear wax comes out by itself. However, it is a bit more unpleasant than, for example, removing the earwax with a cotton swab.

You have probably felt some time in your lives when you felt your ears itchy, and you just could not wait to get a cotton swab to clean your ears. And now people tell you that you should not do this, but why? Today we are going to talk about why cleaning the earwax is not good for your ears, even though it is so pleasant sometimes.

Why do we have earwax?

Have you ever thought about why you have earwax? Is it just because the ears are designed to produce something gross to make us clean it every once in a while? Of course not. As much as you will be surprised to hear it, earwax is the thing that helps the ears clean themselves.

Here how it works exactly: the ears produce a substance which does not allow the dust or other kind of bacteria to come in your ears. As you know the earwax is produced in the wax glands in your ears. And their flow is towards the “exit” of the ear. But its cleansing effects are not the only good effect that earwax has. It also provides special antibacterial and lubricating perks to the eardrum.

So, this is the reason we have earwax – it actually protects our ears and takes care of their health. So, basically, what you have to do is not to clean your earwax in any way if you want to protect your ears.

Why are cotton swabs so bad for our ears?

Cotton swabs are not only unhealthy for our ears, because they remove earwax, but there is one more reason for it. It is not good to put something small in your ear. There are many cases when, even if cotton swabs are soft and well-made, people who use them hurt their ears and sometimes even their eardrums. And this leads to terrible consequences, like surgical operations and even damaging your ear in such a way that one may lose some of their hearing.

So, why do people still use cotton swabs to clean their ears when it is so unhealthy?

One of the reasons for people to do it is because they do not know how unhealthy it is, and dangerous as a matter of fact. And if we have to be honest, it all depends on the parents. If they teach their children to use cotton swabs to clean their ears, this will turn into a habit and they will do it when they grow up.

One important thing you need to remember is that even if you must use cotton swabs to clean the earwax, you should not do it every day, because the more you clean your ears, the more earwax would appear. And in the end it will turn against you, because this is the way your ears protect themselves.

It is more or less like the hair – the more you wash your hair, the greasier it would get, because it needs its natural oils to nourish the hair. So, remember that you should avoid cleaning your ears as much as possible, this way you will also will not have to deal with huge amount of earwax.

Are there any fruits that can improve the health of your ears?

If you think about it, there are special fruits, vegetables, or other types of food, which boost the health of a lot of our bodily organs. Like you need to eat carrots is you want to have good eyesight. You should eat nuts for your brain, while yams are very good for the blood flow. But have you heard of a fruit that increases the work of the ears.

If you listen to loud music in your teenage years, there is a chance that you have hearing problems later in life. And the doctor will not tell you to eat some kind of food to improve your hearing. That is why you should take care of your ears by keeping the earwax, and, of course, by being careful with the sound of the music you listen to.

And as for the question if there is any natural food that could help your hearing and increase the health of your ears, you can try with mushrooms. A lot of people claim that they help the ear health, because mushrooms contain vitamin D, which is quite necessary for the bone health, which includes the tiny bones situated in your ears.


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