The Sleek Vixen Hairstyle

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Who doesn’t love ponytails? They are the perfect hairstyle for special occasions as well as for everyday looks. Creating a sexy hairstyle with a twist is an easy way to spice things up, especially when you have to go out to a fancy event. The sleek vixen hairstyle is here to transform your overall look! Any trend that allows us to refer to ourselves as sleek vixens is automatically acceptable in our books. Now, let’s get started!

You will need a comb, leave-in conditioner, bobby pins, clear rubber bands and a hairspray.

Step 1: Begin by brushing your hair to make it nice and smooth, free of tangles. Add a little leave-in conditioner on your ends and lengths of your hair. You can also invest in a special tousling spray to maximize volume. Spray the product throughout your strands and take small sections to distribute it evenly. Now, it’s time to straighten your hair for extra smoothness. Section off your hair with a comb, straight up off the top of your head, and run the flat iron from roots to ends.

Step 2: Separate the right section of your hair and bring it towards the left. Use your comb to smooth the section before pinning it down.

Step 3: Pull the other section back and twist then pin it over your existing pins.

Step 4: Secure the bottom of your twisted hair with a hair tie, creating a low ponytail.

Step 5: Separate a one-inch section of your ponytail and wrap it around your hair tie, securing with a bobby pin. This way your hair band won’t be visible.

Step 6: Finally, pin this small section underneath the ponytail and you are ready! You can add some additional hairspray all over your hairstyle. If you wish, you may straighten the ponytail one more time to make sure the whole look is as sleek as possible.

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