The Proper Way To Color Eyebrows

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Let me show you an example for the importance of having good makeup skills – your eyebrows.

Just take a look at the picture. Did you see it? Well? Do you like the first section? The one that shows the huge difference between the flawless eye makeup design and the ugly, unmaintained eyebrow. It looksike a parody. Let me show you how to draw the perfect eyebrows, in order to look natural and flattering for the rest of the makeup on your face. Here we go:

  • If you want bold and thick eyebrows, don’t bother plucking the hairs, because they will help you get the wanted look – more hairs means less coloring. In fact, you should follow this rule: when you will color the brows, you should always pluck the excessive hairs after the outlined shape, not before that.

  • Once the shape it chosen (the best way to do that is to apply the trick with the pencil and the three marks – the beginning, the arch and the end of the brow) you should line it with the proper color and the proper tool. I recommend you to use an angled flat brush, because this tool creates smoother lines, which contribute to the natural texture of the brow afterwards.

  • When the shape of the brow is outlined, you should fill it in. Keep the beginning the brows lighter and smoother – no harsh lines there.

  • Comb the brows with clean brow brush (or old, but clean, mascara wand) in order to remove the excessive color.

  • At the end highlight the brow bone and the whole area under the brow in order to make an illusion of bigger lid.

  • Done!

Now you can see the huge difference from the first picture and the last picture. And I’m sure that the last picture will be much more appreciated than the first one.


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