The Perfect Blue Makeup Look

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Here is a very common makeup myth: bright coloured eye makeup designs are usually complex and they require many tools and products. This is definitely not true! If you want to recreate dramatic, intense blue eye makeup look all you need is your makeup bag, some blue eyeshadows and a few makeup brushes. By following every single step from this tutorial, you will soon discover that bright coloured eye makeup designs are a piece of cake! No matter the occasion, consider this your survival guide ā€“ easy, simple yet unique.

Begin by defining your perfectly trimmed brows. You canā€™t create a beautiful masterpiece without putting it into beautiful frame. And the well-prepared brows are exactly the same ā€“ beautiful frame for the beautiful work on your lids. For extra definition and a clean look, use a concealer to highlight the area below the brow.

Start by creating the cut crease using a black eye pencil. Keep your eyes open when applying the crease shade, as this will help you recreate the illusion of a crease with ease. Then, blend this line upwards and out to diffuse the colour towards the brow. When you open your eyes it will create a little curve that follows along your crease line. Then apply gray colour above the black line. Smoke it out with a round brush. This little trick will make the eyes look bigger.

Now, fill in the lid with under the black line with silver shimmer. Then cover the middle of the lid with turquoise shimmer. And finally, apply dark purple shimmer at the outer corner of the lid.

As a final touch, add several coats of your long-lasting mascara as this will help you wrap up the final look. This will lend a nice dramatic definition to your eye shape.

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