The Mistakes You Should Always Avoid With Your Eyebrows

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There are a lot of women who neglect the power of the eyebrows. They wish to have different nose, lips, or eyes, but rarely think about the eyebrows. One reason for this is because eyebrows can be easily change. A person could just use a pair of tweezers to unplug a few hairs to change their eyebrows and if they do not like how it looks on them, they will just have to wait for it to grow back. Or if you are tired of waiting, because hairs, as much as it can be strange, do not grow back as fast as the wind, you can just use a brow pencil to draw whatever kind of shape you want for your brows. It sounds pretty amazing if some of these tries did not end up looking like disasters. The truth is that this could happen easily if you are not careful, and if it does you will find out what is the real importance of eyebrows. So, if you want to skip this step, look at this eyebrows that have too much things going on.

Mistake Number 1: Not following your natural eyebrow shape

If we have to be honest, fake is something that the fashion and makeup industries do not favor. It is all about natural good look nowadays. So, this is what you should do with your eyebrows – let them be more natural than fake. When you use eyebrow pencil to give some shape of your brows be careful not to make them too big or two small. A lot of women are quite familiar with both of these problems. Some of them paint their brows too close to one another, or start somewhere in the middle of their natural shape. If you have lost track of it, there is an easy way to find out where they begin – just start somewhere over the inner corner of your eyes. This is more or less the best place to start.


Mistake Number 2: Missing the arch

You should always have an arch no matter what you are doing to your eyebrows. Remember that straight brows look unnatural and will draw people’s attention to them, but definitely not in a good way. What you should do when you are in doubt about your arch is to explore the space above your eyes carefully in search of the arch. You have such one, so do not worry. The one thing that you should be very careful about is not to misplace your arch. If you make it too close to the center of the brows, this will cause the front part of the brows to become thick, while the back one will be thinner. The brows will look bushy and a bit unnatural, so do not neglect this mistake.


Mistake Number 3: Forgetting about the ends

The way you should take care of the front part of your brows, you should also do not forget about the tails. Some women make their brows too short, while others forget to tweeze them, as much as it may sound strange to you. Thus, the shape of the brows changes from thick to thin and to thick again. Whatever the case is with the ends of the brows, they won’t look elegant and classy, but droopy. What you should do is to feel it where the brow bone ends so that you should continue it somewhere up to it. Remember that natural looks is all that you should aim at.


Mistake Number 4: Having a single thin line for brows

There are women that like their eyebrows to be just a single line above their eyes. Sometimes they remove all their hairs and just paint a line, while other times they leave a couple of natural hairs to hold this line. But think about it, do you really like the way they look on you? Don’t you think they are too thin? Yes, they are. They are far from the natural look of the brows and just look awkward. What you should do is just to look a few pictures of yourself from the time when your brows did not look like that and to make a comparison. Another thing which will help you find a new shape for your brows is to use a pencil and to draw a few different shapes of brows. Experiment as much as you can, after all if you do not like something, you can delete it with a wet wipe and you will be able to try another brow shape.

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