The Dark Chocolate Benefits

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Dark Chocolate – the bitter-sweet temptation is getting more and more popular and even dieticians admit it has numerous health and weight benefits. Of course, the dose makes the poison (just like with anything else). In this article we`ll review some of the most common benefits the dark chocolate could bring. We need to point out that the dark chocolate has a low cocoa content and no harmful fats and sugars – please bare this in mind, every time you head to the supermarket for something sweet, yet healthy.

1. Dark chocolate improves the mood

There are numerous studies, proving the fact that just a few blocks of dark chocolate could make you feel better. It simply improves your mood in a natural way and acts as an organic antidepressant.

2. Healthy heart

Consuming dark chocolate is very good for your heart. It reduces the blood pressure, which is the main reason for sudden heart attacks or chronic heart diseases. You need to maintain a healthy heart, so if you add this food to the menu, you`ll not regret it. The dark chocolate does contain some fats, but they do not affect the cholesterol levels in a bad manner.

3. Maintain a healthy weight

Small quantities of dark chocolate will help you lose weight. According to the latest studies in the field, dark chocolate affects the digestion and prevents you from feeling hungry for a longer period of time. This way it will help you control your appetite and your daily food intake. The dark chocolate contains lost of unsaturated fats and magnesium, which are beneficial for your health in general. Usually it is much easier for healthy people to maintain normal weight. That`s why you may want to include it in your menu, however never forget the golden rule – The dose makes the poison.

4. For flawless skin

Contrary to the popular belief, chocolate could be good for your skin. Of course, this is not valid for the milk chocolate, which contains large amounts of fats, sugar and milk, it`s all about the dark chocolate. Cocoa is one of the best antioxidants, which protect your skin from the UV radiation, improve the blood circulation and make your skin look smooth and well-hydrated. But remember – it is only valid for the dark chocolate.

5. Better memory

Have you ever tried to replace your morning cup of coffee with a cup of hot cocoa? Try it – you`ll not regret it, because it will have a beneficial effect on your memory and concentration. Dark chocolate is antioxidant-rich and contains lots of vitamins and minerals, so it is worth including it in your menu, if you want to maintain a healthy living.

6. A real pleasure for everyone, who loves chocolate

Many people are simply in love with sweet things, which are neither our health`s bets friend nor our weight`s one. Thankfully the dark chocolate, this bitter-sweet temptation could help you fight your hunger for sweet things. If you consume one or two small blocks of dark chocolate after every meal, you won`t feel the need to eat more desserts after that. If you are not a big fan of dark chocolate – you can get used to it. Just start with dark chocolate with less cocoa content and increase gradually overtime. I n a few weeks, you`ll simply love it!

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