The Big Secret: Tailor Your Clothes

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Tailoring clothes are something that not many people actually do. But you should. The secret to having the perfect wardrobe is exactly that – tailoring. If something doesn’t fit just right, don’t give up at the dressing room or throw it away from your wardrobe. Think about alterations. Of course is something to be three sizes smaller than what you need, nothing will work. But a longer hem and stuff like that, could always be fixed. So in which cases are tailoring work?

  • Hem a pair of jeans/pants

Jeans and pants are usually made in the same length. Not many shops offer shorter and longer options. And a pant could easily be too long for you. So instead of giving up or rolling it up (which doesn’t look good on all occasions) go to a tailor and have it hemmed. They will look the same as they were before that, but will fit you better.

  • Replace a zipper

You broke your zipper, don’t give up on that piece. There are tailors for that matter. They could easily change a broken zipper, especially if it’s one that is not that visible. This won’t cost you much and a single zipper is anywhere from less than a dollar maximum up to 5$. So don’t worry about that.

And as for replacing a hidden zipper or one that you don’t like and throws you off – go for it! A cocktail dress with an awful zipper – no problem. Just go to a store like Mood or a similar one and find the zipper you do like. Just be sure that is long enough. Go to the tailor and it will be changed in no time.

  • Make a shirt better

Sometimes a shirt could be way too long for your body type. Or if you would like to put tuck it, it could look awful. But once you go to the tailor and you together decide how much you would like taken up from the shirt, it could work even better than you ever imagined.

Another great thing that you could do for your shirt, that just isn’t right is to shirttail it. This means to create a curved hemline. It won’t be as boring as the straight one and it will flatter your silhouette.

  • Take up a shoulder seam

This is one of the best alterations you can make to your clothes. It can change a whole look and make it seem way more expensive than it is. The right fit is the trick to look amazing. What does taking up a shoulder seam mean though? Well, you know how sometimes on the side, we can see your bra or it just doesn’t look right? Well, then you take up the seam or if the garment has straps shorten them and this way you won’t be looking at your underwear. The perfect fit, right?

  • Add darts

Do you know what darts are? Those are some seams used in tops, blouses and dresses. They make your bust look better and your clothing item – perfect for you. But keep in mind, that the darts should be done perfectly in order to look good.

Darts could save you from looking like a box. If you have a jacket or a blazer that is way too boxy – darts will save it. Also, you can take in your dresses at the hips, so that they don’t enlarge you. Unfortunately, this is one of the most expensive alterations between 20 and 25$. But sometimes it is worthed!

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