The Best Method To Make Your Manicure Last Longer

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How many times you can think of when you had great manicure, but it only lasted a couple of days? I can think of an example straight away, like my birthday manicure. It is lucky that I made it in the same day I celebrated my birthday, otherwise my friends would not have been able to see it, or for me to take pictures of it. I am sure you can think of many similar examples. And you want to escape from that “bad luck” of yours that has been after your nails. In fact, it turns out that this is not only bad luck, but we just did not know why our nail polish could not stay longer on our nails and what to do to make it does so. And that is why we have decided to share some secret with you today. It is all about making your manicure last longer.

What are some of the most common mistakes we make when we do our manicure?

To learn how to fix a problem we need to know its roots. In other words, to know how to fix your manicure you need to find out why it does not last long enough? One of the reason for our manicure to starts peeling off (awful verb, but true) is that you often do not apply top coat. Many women think that just a layer or two of your nail polish will be enough, but if you do not apply a product to protect it, or if you want to put it more metaphorically: to work as an invisible force field to protect your nails and nail polish, your manicure will be easily ruined by some everyday domestic chore. And here comes our second reason why.

Washing the dishes or doing the laundry are probably some of the most popular domestic chores that are famous for ruining one’s manicure. Well, if you cannot escape from this kind of domestic work for at least the first day you have made your manicure, you can wear some gloves to protect your nails. This way you will not only protect your manicure, but also your hands and skin, which can get really dry if you use chemicals on it.

Another reason we found which is a key one when we talk about long-lasting manicure is the products we use. If you use cheap nail polish, like the one that you found for less than a dollar, well, it will not last that long on your nails. And not only this, but it will also damage them if you use it too often. It will extract the vitamins from your nails and they might turn yellow. But this is only if you use low quality products for a long time. If it is once or twice, there is no need to worry about your nails.

What is the best method to protect your manicure

After we have mentioned the most common mistakes women make about the way they treat their manicure, no matter if it is about the actual time of the application of the nail polish, or after it, it is time to find out which is the best method for manicure protection. The recipe we are going to show you is quite simple and you can do it on your own at home.

You will need: warm water and vinegar. It could be both apple cider vinegar or wine vinegar, choose whatever you have at home. And this is it.

Step 1

Prepare a solution from one cup of warm water and 4 tablespoons of vinegar. Mix them well with a spoon so that you could not tell where the vinegar is exactly. It should be everywhere.

Step 2

Now soak your finger tips in the solution. You need to make sure that it covers all your nails. Stay like this for a couple of minutes and then get your hands out of the solution.

Step 3

Do not rinse your hands or wash them. You need to make sure that the solution dries on your nails. And once this happens, you will be ready to apply nail polish on them.

Step 4

You can apply one or two coats of your nail polish. It is preferable to wear only one coat, because nail polishes harm the nails. Then finish your manicure with a top coat for a maximum protection. This way your manicure will be protected and will not peel off that fast, so make sure you do not take off your manicure in at least 4 days.

Vinegar is very famous with a lot of homemade remedies, including your skin and hair. Now you know that it works great with nails, too. It has adhesive functions and removes the oils and the sebum from the nails. That is why nail polish is able to stick to the nails and to last longer.

All you have left to do is to enjoy your long-lasting manicure!


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