The Art of Threading

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of this new method and what you need to know about it.

It is argued that this kind of technique originated from India or China, but it is certainly known that it has originated for at least several centuries. In Asia and the Middle East, shaping eyebrows using a twisted cotton thread is very common, while in Europe and the USA this method is becoming only now relatively popular.

As stated above there are many advantages for using this technique to plug facial hair. For one thing, the its durability is incredible – this is the main advantage of the method. After the procedure, you can expect to have a flawless, hair-free skin for several weeks. Secondly, the precision of how this is done is more than amazing – no better way to shape eyebrows. Try it and you will see for yourself. Last but not least, it is a cheap procedure for what it offers and the effect it provides you with. There are a couple more of the advantages for shaping your eyebrows with thread:

No chemicals

– Painless

– Faster

– The effect lasts up to two weeks, or more

– More precise: plugs even very small hairs

– Minimum skin irritation

– It can be used for any part of the face

As a disadvantage of the technique is that in order to shape your eyebrows using this technique, there are still very few places that offer this type of service. It takes several years to fully master the art of this technique.

What is hair removal with thread? A thin wire is usually wounded with cotton, clamped at both ends formed the letter “X”. This is held with both hands. The thread slides along the surface of the skin and is pulled at one end to remove hair. Using this method, the hair follicle is being removed completely. Simultaneously, with just one pull, an entire row of hair can be removed. In order to get a precise idea on how this works exactly, there are many videos online that will explain in details how to shape eyebrows with thread. At a first glance, the technique may not seem so difficult, but it surely requires a lot of practice.

However rear, red dots may appear after the procedure. The red dots are irritated hair follicles and disappear after a half hour. In the rear case that your skin gets irritated, make sure you apply a moisturizing cream to smoothen up the area.

With all the advantages and disadvantages that come with this technique, it is more relevant than ever that this procedure is what women will be choosing for when they need to get their eyebrows plucked, or even other parts of their faces for which tweezers and waxing is no good solution. The former two methods cause bigger skin irritations and are not suitable for every skin type. So, next time you need some face hair removed, remember threading and go try it for yourself.

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