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When you want to escape from the strong, business look, you should try to change small details in your look, as long as these changes are suitable for your age, occasion and personal style. So, take a look at this nail art and decide if it is suitable for you. When I saw it, I fall in love with it and I will tell you for what event I choose to make this nail art.

Last week my friend’s daughter had a birthday and of course, a birthday party. My friend wanted to make a surprise to her girl by inviting a princess to the party (Elsa, or course), but she couldn’t find free princess for that day. She asked me if I’m willing to be a princess for the party. And that’s what I’ve been waiting since I found this nail art. We rented a dress, she made my hairstyle and I made all by myself this adorable candy nail art. The whole look was magical and the kids loved me. While you follow the steps, you can think of your personal suitable occasion for making this nail decoration. Take a look:

  1. First of all you should file and shape the nails. Choose a shape similar to both Oval and Square type of nail shapes. Try to make your nails look closer to a candy sweet.
  2. Then apply a base coat, let it be transparent and glossy. Let it dry completely before you move to the next step.
  3. We are going to achieve an effect of melting ice cream, so, draw three uneven, vertical lines, but try not to cover the moon area of the nail bed.
  4. With another candy-like color, draw another three lines on the top of the first ones, but make that second layer of lines shorter, so the first layer of nail polish will be visible.
  5. The third layer with another candy-like color will be your last one. Let it dry and then seal the deal with a top coat.

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