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Busy weeks full of meetings, work events and making last-minute plans can lead to not enough time for hair washing and blow drying. Skipping shampoo a few times a week leads to healthier strands, but it can also leave your hair looking a little flat or greasy after a day or two. Yet, if today is the day you are supposed to go to that formal meeting with your co-workers, then why don’t you style your hair into a beautiful wrapped bun. It’s a super pretty way to disguise day-old hair, and it’s ridiculously easy to recreate.

For this super twisted bun hairstyle to look very nice, start with a straight hair, nicely brushed. You will need a few bobby pins, hair bands, hairspray and styling mousse. Now let’s get started!

Step 1: Brush your hair nicely to remove any knots or tangles. Separate your hair into two sections – one at the bottom and one at the crown. Secure each one with a clear rubber band. Since you are going to use a lot of hair bands and bobby pins, it is best advised to use hair accessories which are the same colour as your natural hair. This way, they won’t stand out much. You can even apply stylizing mousse in order to prevent any flying hairs from the top of the sleek ponytail.

Step 2: So, take the top tail and fold it under the bottom one.

Step 3: Secure with enough bobby pins to keep the hair pieces in place.

Step 4: Wrap the end around the hair band of the top ponytail.

Step 5: Divide the remaining part of the ponytail and wrap it around to form the final bit of the bun.

Step 6: Make sure you add additional bobby pins just in case some pieces come loose. Do not forget to apply hairspray to keep your hairstyle perfectly maintained for a whole day.

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