Summer Bag Trends to Wear This Season

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Summer is already here if we judge by the temperatures so we have already started rearranging our summer wardrobes. Today, however, we are not going to pay special attention on clothes but on one particular accessory which women like wearing all year long. And what is great about this accessory is that it is very useful and practical. So, what else are we talking about than bags? Today we decided to show you which some of the top bag trends for the summer will be. Hop on and enjoy the ride!

#1 Mini Bags

The first of the bag trends for this summer is mini bags, or in other words, small bags which can be worn not only for evening events, but also for daytime ones. This trend is an absolutely reasonable one since it is well known that big bags are typically winter ones while small ones are more suitable for the warmer seasons of the year.

This year is no exception to the old rule and very small bags are running the show this summer. That is why you should definitely consider wearing small cross-body bags, small shoulder bags, or simply small handbags in all shapes and colors. And still, when it comes to colors, you can pay special attention to mixture of colors, geometrical or art shapes.

#2 Add an accessory to the bag

The next of the trends for this summer has always been a favorite one of mine. And this is to add some attachment to the bag or simply to buy a bag that already has such attachments. Usually such kinds of accessories to bags are keychains with some small plush toy on them, but they could also be other ones like metal or plastic attachments which the bag is decorated with.

This trend gives one the opportunity to use their imagination and to choose accessories that will appeal to them and will match their personal style. The attachment could easily be the centerpiece about the bag, but still you need to be careful not to overwhelm the whole bag and the outfit. Choose one that will complement the bag and not steal the spotlight.

#3 Wild, wild prints

It is well known that when it comes to prints, the more colorful ones are more suitable for spring and summer, while the darker ones are suitable for the autumn and spring. Basically, the prints match the nature and the weather of the given season. That is why the next summer bag trend for this summer is again connected to colorful and wild prints.

This season you should not be afraid to take your bags to the extreme by choosing very colorful and wild prints. This way the bag could be the central piece of your outfit while the rest of it is more subtle in a way. You can easily choose bags with a mixture of colors, like blue, yellow, and red, or green, orange, and yellow. This mixtures will add some freshness to your outfit.

#4 Drawstring bags

The next bag trend, which has already become very popular, is drawstring bags. It is one of the top trends which appeared on runways at spring/summer fashion shows and women immediately adopted it. So, when you choose a bag you could stick to the rule of drawstring bags which is: the more strings, the better.

This way you can medium size bags holding their strings only in hand, and not on your shoulder, for example, and letting them hang down. This is quite a casual way of wearing this kind of bags and it is suitable for the summer.

#5 Chain strap bags

The next trend in the list is for those of you who do not like sassy things but prefer something a little be bad-ass like. They would probably like the trend of the chain strap bags. Big chains are usually associated with manliness more than with girly style. You could try some bags with chain straps this summer, especially if you are in a mood of following the trends but you do not want to wear the typical ones for the season.

There are, of course, some bag straps that do not have big chains and can match the style of those of you who prefer sweet and innocent kind of accessories. You can also match this trend with some of the other ones. This way you could wear a chain strap bag with wild and colorful print for the summer.

#6 Round handles

And if you are not much into the chain straps, you could try instead the other popular trend for the summer which is all about round straps. Round straps became a fashion trend more than 10 years ago. They made a comeback 6 years ago but with the winter bag trends, and not they are coming back as one of the top summer bag trend of the year.

And since this trend is about round handles, the bags that you could wear are only handbacks since it will be a little bit hard to put a round handle back on your shoulder.

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